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A society is actually

A society is actually like a person, also has disadvantages as well as performance. Only praise him, and of course there will be a problem, as we used to say good, not good such as blind affirmation, will make the society blind arrogance and lost the sense of reality. But only accused him of a day, also is not reasonable, also can let he frustrated and depressed, feel the power of the lack of forward and thus lose the courage to face the future. So, Mr Yang would like to sure way of development of the country, to help the country move forward, is also a real honest and true consciousness. I think Mr Yang gives us the enlightenment is that we have today for us, need to have both strict requirements and serious criticism and reflection, but also need a sure this society forward positive force. This sure should not and can not be a false, empty praise and rendering, but a trust for our own strength, confidence and trust in the ability to own social self improvement. Scholar Mr. Zhang there is a view in the research development of western thought, he thought, positive is also an important factor in western thought, but we often don't pay attention to this aspect. He point out: the United States and France, is a revolution in Louis Vuitton Belt, is the civil society of idealism -- in France is the radical republican spirit, in the United States is the myth of American democracy - still with great vitality, on the value of a country with strong self-esteem impulse. This positive energy not only promotes the theory innovation, but also support their social internal change and self renewal, support their value on the self-affirmation. It seems to also can give us enlightenment. In the face of the spirit of the future? / P> Mr Ling write zhongguancun in the history book the new revolution of Louis Vuitton Belt in a snippet let me unforgettable. In one day in 2005, he in A clear way of tsinghua pioneer park to see the room 302, block A, Fake Gucci Belt let him feel the chaos of A new world open. The room filled with 38 companies, each company has one of the squares, consisting of a simple computer desk and a chair, and a big company the staff seats are no different, but, in those places usually set employee name, with the name of the company, shall be ma Cheap Hermes Belts de from a normal woodfree printing paper printing, messy, the people sitting behind the computer, all young. They are the boss, also is the accounting, only employees or their own company. As long as spend 500 dollars, you can sit here for a month, and they usually can't more than half a year time here. Many people failed, but someone will always grow up and expand, upstairs. There are single rooms, office along the corridor, it is these people prepared for them. ...... 12 months, maybe after 18 months, most of these companies will collapse, but is bound to have several continue to grow, they will move to a bigger office, a whole floor. Mr Ling says: I am the company entrepreneurial scene is not unfamiliar, but here it was unheard of. As Microsoft and lenovo, all of them are large company with tens of thousands of people, but to be honest, they are not '302, block A' that makes me feel shocked. Behind his words have lyrical enthusiasm: I see the wisdom, courage, see stress and uncertainty, see a perennial power, death and rebirth. I think this is the most beautiful passages, Mr Ling can write article eye for a book. For me, the story of this room 302, block A shock of the same.