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replica ferragamo belt's real estate market value should be more than 100 trillion. In particular, when rapidly rising prices, real estate value-added is more obvious. In general, the price of the house consists of three elements: one is the building of the physical or material structure (such as size, material, type, room number, floor, fake ferragamo belt orientation, etc.); The second is the location or place and the environment; 3 it is real estate urban infrastructure and public service in his society. That is to say, the real estate appreciation has three main sources of private investment, government investment and urbanization. Government investment in infrastructure and public services through capitalization to improve the value of real estate; And the increase of the demand for Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, urbanization will further improve the local real estate values. And the land value-added is also the result of the real estate value increase. Can see from the above analysis, from the expropriation of land, land of the primary market and secondary market, the primary market and secondary market of Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, every link trading there are huge profits space, and the huge benefit space is not the result of the private investment, but the land itself is the value of revaluation, the government investment in urban infrastructure and public service through capitalization to improve the value of the land and real estate. For in the process of urbanization, land and property values rise suddenly, so how to allocate the huge national or state wealth has become the most important problems in replica ferragamo belt's economy. Under the developed market system, cheap ferragamo belt in order to ensure the fairness of the whole social wealth distribution, the real estate huge premium, often by way of the real estate tax collection. Because, in many studies have shown that, as the government investment in public facilities and services are capital into the real estate value, the government will have to bring the government behavior by means of the fixed tax of real estate value added in the form of tax collection, in order to avoid the private owners take all come & other; Pie & throughout; . For replica ferragamo belt, in the process of urbanization, real estate premium might be better than the developed under the market system is more big. A development and prosperity in replica ferragamo belt's real estate market is based on public ownership of land, the second is replica ferragamo belt's urbanization process was conducted on a large scale in a short time, and this kind of unprecedented urbanization and infrastructure construction, is bound to influence the real estate market is developing in a short time and the price of the real estate market, urbanization, and government investment of real estate value will be very large and significant. If or as wrong as early a few years the huge land and real estate value-added institutional ways of dealing with and recycling, not only will cause serious unfair distribution of wealth, the whole society is also very huge state-owned assets & other; The loss & throughout; A kind of way. It is this sense, the land and real estate question boils down to in the next decade replica ferragamo belt's the most important question a little bit too much. In short, in the next ten years, in the process of replica ferragamo belt's land private, in the process of replica ferragamo belt's urbanization, cheap ferragamo belts urbanization and government investment will bring the very big land and real estate value. The future Ferragamo Belt society in order to compete for this very large land and real estate value, it will lead to a series of social contradiction and conflict in replica ferragamo belt.