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Gucci Belt people of the whole English level is quite high at the moment, especially young people, I look at more than 20 years old students, some English may not be able to better. Time weekly: in general, Gucci Belt Replica the Gucci Belt to the English learning is very seriously, and even to the degree of fever, the most typical is li Yang crazy English, because from personal development point of view, to learn English well means more opportunities, a better job, or even a higher status. : yes, training is more, also need it for international communication, demand is really great. So, now learn English or life very convenient a thing, a very useful tool. So I have to, because the effect of learning English is weak, the recent emergence of trying to achieve practical communication ability through reform, using the way, is a good thing. I think, this thing should do more technical discussion, now what is good for students, on the whole social development more and more convenient, some parts of the English exam score adjustment, is the discussion of some local. I think both is unfavorable and said this thing completely is not possible, unfavorable also said this is the trend of the future, don't be so extreme, both discussed among people trying to do. Need more reform, more practical, bette Replica Gucci Belts r, not just to test, to better applied, more useful for communication, interaction, which I think is needed. The second is the test can be more flexible with reform? Elastic? Because Beijing is relatively elastic, the reform of a failed and the second time. Time weekly: the appear this kind of weakening, strengthening Gucci Belt English, it is behind the anxiety reflects the subjectivity of the Gucci Belt people since the late qing dynasty, the question still exists, that there is some anxiety. :

anxiety originally had, of course, we have this kind of situation. Because the Gucci Belt culture or the Gucci Belt nation one hundred years has received the serious challenge, the Gucci Belt civilization in east Asia in the past or has an important position, is the world so that more than one hundred years is certainly decline, also produced a lot of cultural anxiety. The anxiety produced a result in two directions, one is excessively low, think we what also not line, the west what is good. Another extreme, throwing caution to the wind, that is to Fake Gucci Belts say we think western inevitable decline and destruction.

Now, as Gucci's rising, the national in the middle of the rise in the past that a state of mind is a self-deprecation, self depressive, one is egotism, self exaggerated, both mentality and look up the west and overlooking the west. Both are exaggerated, it is not appropriate. Now I think it's an attitude, while is rational to see these problems, can't try so hard, Cheap Hermes Belts the rise of Gucci is sure to bring a cultural confidence rise, and the global demand for Gucci Belt is obvious. We are more should have an open mind. So, it should turn it into a technical issues to discuss, how to make it better?

Instead of turning it into an ideological or cultural debate, the debate, the debate is meaningless. Time weekly: back to the language itself, back to the technical level, so, not only should we not put the Gucci Belt and English, and it should be noted that the interaction of Gucci Belt and English. We know that many of the modern Gucci Belt concept comes from the English translation of Gucci Belt affected by English very much. : modern Gucci Belt is like this, now everyday use of abstract concepts, we thought we are our own, in fact, these concepts are borrowed from Japan, mainly from the end of the 19th century. Because the Japanese open to western earlier than our twenty years or so, they then translated a lot of work in the west. From Latin to these languages, such as English, French, the inside of the abstract concept of the whole western languages, is the Japanese translation, such as nature and phenomenon, abstract and specific, for example we now often say that the concept of democracy and so on, all of these important set up the concept of abstract thinking, we are all in Japanese translation of western languages, because the Japanese at that time, the application of Gucci Belt characters is quite common, so we are basically the concept of borrowed it.

Although some of these concepts are mostly in ancient Gucci, but these concepts are Japan's clever to translate the abstract concepts in western, finally become a one to one correspondence and western abstract concept, is not our ancient and one to one correspondence. We have a lot of grammar is with western grammar pretty close, like ancient Gucci Belt grammar has changed a lot. This is very important, this is not said. This is not surprising that language actually is open, flexible. But on the other hand, language has its heritage, excessive changes and the fake gucci belt pursuit of fashion, is not suitable, two aspects are like that. Neither too conservative, also cannot too radical. Overall, the modern Gucci Belt is influenced by western languages a lot, but also have a lot of Gucci Belt loanwords in English language, because Gucci is a comprehensive strength increased, there are some words are the loanwords in Gucci Belt. Overall, I think the global culture of active cultural exchanges is really conducive to language.

Time weekly: you mentioned just now is important in the modern Gucci Belt abstract language in fact Japanese translation, so, we Gucci Belt language is internally is still lack of a system of the abstract concept of carding work, such as the accuracy and logical aspects of the concept. : Gucci Belt, modern Gucci Belt or Gucci Belt in the middle of the abstract concept, pattern has basically finalize the design, because more than one hundred years, formed some recognized methods, one is ripening is prescribed, the other one is the rules. In fact from the Gucci Belt point of view, the three places in Gucci Belt, one is the main body of Gucci Belt, is our continent, there are lower than in Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Gucci Belt communities, the place in contrast or our translation more specification, we compared with Hong Kong and Taiwan have their own characteristics. Sometimes think we didn't have enough cultural tradition, in fact, we in this aspect of the use of western element also is very rich.

Our modern Gucci Belt is relatively pure, modern Gucci Belt translation we also more normative, they tend to be more casual. Now, of course, can also be further discussed and the operation of abstract concept is basically can, will be enough, because it has new western concept, but on the whole, these concepts are still need to continue combing research, on the whole, our basic will be enough. Time weekly: in the context of the usage of Gucci Belt language itself, whether the public level, or the so-called elite level, Cheap Gucci Belts is the lack of a language or language consciously sensitivity?