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cheap salvatore ferragamo belts real estate

Intention in local government pushed up house prices, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts real estate developers will use the heterogeneity of Replica Ferragamo Belt product, immobility monopoly pricing, easy access to bank funds, and low interest rates to control prices, zhuang so as to make the real estate development enterprises has become the most profits of domestic industry. And under the virtual high prices, the bank and real estate investors also get the benefits, because, as long as the price rises, the bank is don't think lending to the real estate market risk, the bank a lot of money will flow into the real estate market. And when the bank a lot of money into the real estate market, Replica Ferragamo Belt prices pushed up is inevitable. Investors to enter the real estate market, there is no risk, so the price of the real estate market also rose sharply in they helped. Since the bank are profitable, so corruption will also extends to these areas. Also, since the Replica Ferragamo Belt investment is profitable, it will not only attract domestic and foreign investors to enter the real estate market, but also can make corruption molecules holdings of capital in a variety of ways cheap ferragamo belts to enter the real estate market, so that its illegal wealth blanched as legitimate income. Illegal wealth, to say the virtual high prices have a domestic washing white is the most convenient way. , to say the virtual high prices become very bothered more than 90% of urban residents, and the vast majority of people reflect the most intense, various local corruption, corruption is the most serious problem. Hope that our central government to ride to crack down on each link of the real estate market using power trading, modify and perfect the system of the real estate market rules to artificially high prices reasonable return. This is the central government responsibility, is also the Ferragamo Belt most of the public interests. And widely should really contain each link corruption and bribery, corruption, the real estate market to each link to crack down on the real estate market on the one hand, strict chase down, can't let these behaviors a land of escape, more important is to establish a good system to limit, such as the sunshine act, to the leading cadre's property under the supervision of the public, on the other hand, should have a good system and mechanism, let the corruption and bribery, corruption can be under the supervision of the public and the media. Let the general public to express their views, complaint system and mechanism of its interests to protect its interests. It is only through the supervision of the functional departments and social two aspects of the general public, so as to achieve good results. Hebei agricultural bank robbery, for example, can short time to solve, is that these offenders fully under the supervision of the general public. The supervision of corruption and bribery, corruption of the real estate market should also is such. Is the indisputable fact that, real estate industry profits early estimates that as long as there is even a little economic common sense of people will know. Is very simple, if the real estate industry profits, why all walks of life in the real estate market, no matter is doing agricultural or industrial past, no matter in the past is a high science industry or military enterprise, these companies have entered the real estate market. And profiteering not only show the real estate market in a short period of time to make some hand without nothing and become a waist one hundred million yuan, but also for real estate developers have money after can easily manipulate the social public opinion, and this manipulation and about to reverse black and white. Some simple ex cheap ferragamo belt amples, the society that is too sudden huge profits, the real estate to government announced the development of the real estate costs, some say the cost of real estate developers is the commercial secret, if it is illegal to do so. And the land was for the state, for the national people's common property, is every citizen has the right to share in Ferragamo Belt's property, unexpectedly someone even dare to take a day, just is to rich artificial production house. And the value of such seemingly civilized society the basic standard, contrary to the party's basic principle, goes against the scientific concept of development the myth can be popular, etc. Had these strange phenomena should be modern enterprise should be shame to things, in the domestic real estate industry is a baby, too? Problem is that the real estate industry in collusion with power, money is so rampant in Ferragamo Belt's real estate market. Recently, a in the pearl river delta, guangxi and yunnan for many years engaged in the development of real estate property developers said: quot; Building development costs only account for 20% of the Replica Ferragamo Belt prices, developers can get 40% of the profits, the remaining more than 40% of the profits are all relevant functional departments' layers of digestion. quot; While this kind of money and power trading became the root of the domestic real estate industry profits. Real estate industry profits first unconstrained power from government officials. It can be said that Ferragamo Belt's nearly one trillion yuan of the state-owned land, is the biggest wealth. But these wealth is nominally the state, but the country is not a simple concept, but tend to implementation to the government to deal with, arrange and use.