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Despite previous developer by the housing development costs, there are also some private research institutions to some estimates, but did not get official and authority approval. When it comes to real estate profits, we can see more, the government accused developers lack of moral blood, cheap versace belt land developers said the government's tax revenue accounts for the lion's share of the price, no after all, the public such as unclear. Against the housing market profits cannot leave for real estate development costs and profit of calculation and evaluation, what is a reasonable profit, what is a windfall, need authorities come up with convincing evidence and credibility. Therefore, is the premise of provisions against profiteering, establish a perfect mechanism of real estate development costs and profits. In addition to the full open and transparent, who's the boss there is a problem. By developers said they don't exist profits obviously unreliable, completely by the government to decided that there is a problem, it is well known that the real estate development has - interest which the local governments. The accrediting agencies should be more public, reflect the interests of all parties fully game, which cannot be less real estate market of consumers, the voice of ordinary people. Xu Kun director Lin said provisions against profits will draw lessons from foreign successful experience. Let's take a look at the practice of foreign: Germany founded in around real estate public assessment committee, responsible for different area, different types of housing to formulate detailed benchmark price. This kind of pricing has the force of law, all real estate transactions have a duty to consult. Based on this price, within a reasonable range fluctuations in house prices is regarded as reasonable, if prices by more than 20% of the reasonable prices, developers will face a fine of up to 50000 euros. If more than 50%, will be seen as a property profiteering, violators will be subject to higher fines, or even be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Look from actual effect, Germany more successful in the price of the real estate industry policy, more than 30 years since 1977, the German house prices rose by an average 60%, over the same period was three times the increase in per capita income in Germany. To the German experience, stipulated windfall it worked well, likely to be ultimate weapon on the property market, but the premise is to have the corresponding supporting system can ensure that it has operability, or set a paper namely. It's like long2 dao in jin yong's novels, the call to arms, don't dare not from, is not that how sharp it itself, but in their hidden secrets worth, knife without recruit, long2 dao is a pile of scrap metal. On the property market is high against the profits of the sword effect remains to be seen, hope to see as soon as possible the national development and reform commission issued detailed rules for the implementation accordingly. On April 4, Versace Belt normal university professor dongfan tweeting said: when you were 40, there is no 40 million fortune don't come to see me, don't say is my students - this is my requirement for graduate students... For advanced degrees, wealth means struggle consciousness and sweat, poverty is incompetent, lazy, fake versace belt shame and failure. Critical to this, most Internet users. (the tianfu morning post on April 6) I'm glad I'm not a student of professor dong, otherwise is kicking into the gate of Versace Belt normal university - is now over 40, did not even earn a fraction of the 40 million. Students earn enough money, is the teacher off as worthless. Don't say in our such a Confucius culture heritage of more than two thousand years, the kingdom of intellectuals has never been ashamed to talk about money, even in the evil capitalist society, this big negative words, also want to get plank brick. Face of netizens blanket accusations, professor dong some defy spirit, to continue tweeting with netizens controversy: this is inspiring in a word, why mad and hurt the heart. Think you just put forward some expectations for students. To avoid out of context, here' replica versace belt s a filling is omitted in the first period of professor dong weibo content: train their wealth consciousness is one of my work content, rich, of course, the premise is legitimate. His rich means that created a lot of GDP, taxes, jobs, social contribution, also help the low-income earners, and avoid yourself, family members and relatives become a burden on society.