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This is our most don't want to see. The second is to continue its black career, cheap louis vuitton belts linked in an official charity name. However, the indications are that such a honeymoon impossible for a long time. There is no official seal, there is no separate accounts, every a charitable spending should be approved by the owner... Everything exists in Taipei, black children always grow up under such institutional environment. In addition, the black boy done excellent work team and will not be pleased, seen in the news, recently, the foundation of brand is more and more loud and clear, in the context of the official suspected of existing a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. Best results justify the foundation, make it has a legitimate public offering and be able to operate independently, with the words in the news, to upgrade the folk charitable organizations for public offering foundation. cheap versace belt This needs the support of the relevant laws and regulations, to break the present situation of the public offering foundation by official monopoly. Philanthropy is dominated by the government in our country, but the government leading does not mean that government shirtless, do, versace belt replica charity at the end of the day is a kind of folk spontaneous voluntary behavior, this determines the vitality of the charity is to folk. Government may formulate rules, strengthen supervision, and on the specific operation, preferably by the folk charity organization ACTS as the main force, so in order to fully release folk charity vitality and potential, the government can also make more effort to do things in the co., LTD. In the country under the rule of law, often focus on public events can growth is one of the advantages of legal knowledge, such as in recent years, we as a couple of drunken driving killings know what call endangering public security, what call traffic offences; Because a few food safety inci versace belt cheap dents know what call poisoning, what call sin production sales and inferior products. Yesterday learned another charges - stir-up-trouble crime in criminal law. Yesterday afternoon, huazhong university of science and technology, professor xiao hired thugs hurt case in Cheap Versace Belt shijingshan court of first instance verdict, five defendants to stir-up-trouble crime respectively were sentenced to criminal detention, a month and a half to five and a half months. Extreme poverty in legal knowledge, to provoke the word to stay on the original understanding of literal, think it should be a street punks dry things, such as a few bad teenagers at the school gate, stopped a good girl just from school to his crotch, not drill hit people. Xiao somehow also well-known scholars, even if you take the shameless, will also be with his young and dangerous. But since the court sentenced to xiao stir-up-trouble, want their own legal basis. For the solution of doubts in the heart, I have to go through the criminal law provisions, found stir-up-trouble crime prescribed in article 293 of the criminal law in criminal behavior and I understand stir-up-trouble same, such as chasing, heist, abusive, beatings, strong and stubbornly or any damage, take up public or private property, creating disturbances in public places, and so on. Criminal law the behavior if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance. In addition, the legal sense of creating disturbances is generally not a specific object, the crime motive is generally pursue mental stimulation, fill the spiritual emptiness, criminal consequences usually endangering the public order. To cause the word north folk belief is called holy, mean go looking for trouble. Such as wu song and Chiang goalkeeper was no discretion has no enemy, but ran to the door god jiang's molesting his concubines in the wine shop, the purpose is led Chiang goalkeeper, for friends cover him a good beating.