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Cheap Versace Sunglasses area and means to limit

Because of small and medium-sized enterprise financing and the characteristics of rural finance, microfinance mode has long been very popular in the world. Such as the 1986 Bangladesh began creating microfinance pilot system. In Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe, it is becoming a new important tool, in this financial products to help improve living conditions of low-income families, Cheap Versace Belt demand. For the microfinance institutions in many countries, the business is becoming a standardized product. This tool not only learned the microfinance reform experience and lessons, also broke the limitation of the traditional bank credit, through this kind of financing model not only solves the hundreds of millions of people's life, is also a milestone in the history of the financial history. For americans, however, would be able to get the financial tools development, whether can realize leaf TanWenZhang 29 (editor's note: see this second edition " other gm throughout; Cheap Belts can truly become") of the expectations, such as the national and the government hopes it can service other; Agriculture, rural areas and farmers throughout; ; The central bank more hope it can compete with the rural financial institutions such as rural credit cooperatives, is advantageous to the macroeconomic regulation and control; And as the originator of bosses value is investment outlook, from the current situation, quite uncertain. Because, whether formal or informal financial market, business is credit, credit quality is the basis of a variety of financial products price pricing. At present domestic credit loss become the largest problem in the credit markets, high non-performing loans as early as a few years the domestic banking system is the result of lack of credit. If the credit culture will not be able to set up the domestic financial market, financial products or financial services launch will face huge risk. In general, the higher the price risk, the greater the risk of the face. This is also the domestic rural finance and small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult problem. Now hope that through microfinance pilot company change the present domestic financial market credit culture problem is unrealistic. Thus, in order to control the risk of pilot company, regulators with appropriate laws and rules on the pilot project in the management of the firm, scope, Cheap Versace Sunglasses area and means to limit, also is inevitable. Otherwise, the pilot is not yet complete, a lot of problems. In my opinion, the domestic microfinance pilot company success, the most important factor is: one is how to formulate related government authorities to adapt to Versace Belt's actual situation of microfinance operation rules, and ensure that the implementation of the rules can be effectively; Second, any company to enter the pilot should have the most fundamental values of the two, namely maximizing the return on capital investment of future owners (known as the enterprise profit maximization), and credit is not only the fundamental rights of every citizen, can also be a useful tool for disadvantaged people out of poverty. The way of how to help poor people to the rich is not only the pilot of the company's social responsibility, also is the pilot basic conditions for the existence and development of the company; Three is pilot company whether can with the formal banking system to form effective market competition. The pilot of the company's business scope and the formal financial institutions have complementarity, this is only one aspect of the problem. On the other hand, if the microfinance pilot companies can succeed, also would lead to formal financial institutions or rural credit cooperatives to enter the market. Especially in the interests of the 4 times higher than regulated interest rates, if the market can go in the direction of the specification, set up the concept of the right, then, is sure to develop this market.