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Replica Gucci Belts many parts of the country

This also is an important method of fall risk. (this is the last week to write articles, today in here) in 2007, it is only in the history of the development of Belt's real estate prosperity, is the world's only real estate development miracle. Around because, Replica Hermes Belt Belt's real estate market price not only from the government, according to data released a lot of cities, the market of new homes house prices rose above 20%, and much of the secondary market prices doubled up. Far not much theory, economy applicable room in Beijing suburb area, since this year, housing prices basically more than doubled. If in 2004, for the base period, so many parts of the rising housing prices should be three or four times. And this is the house price rise quickly, not only makes a lot of investors poured into the real estate market, which many local real estate developers should start other.egulations throughout.other.oarding throughout.uch a strange phenomenon, but also cause serious social problem in Belt and political problems. Rapidly rising prices across the first half of 2007, real estate development investment is more and more big, the money has flowed in terms of the real estate market, however, since the second half, Replica Gucci Belts many parts of the country the real estate market radically reversed, such as shenzhen, guangzhou and the pearl river three angles continent a lot of places, falling house prices have become the basic trend. Because, in the second half of a falling house prices is not only reflected in these places, second-hand housing prices, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts but also in the land auction and auction of land price drops rapidly. A few cities in the pearl river delta by the end of 2007, the local land auction price in December (the same city and even the door) is lower than the first half of the price by more than half. These cases illustrate what, it illustrates the development of real estate prices expected to the coming years will return to reason, therefore, they feel hesitate to push up the price of the land. At the end of 2007, not only the pearl river delta cities housing prices reversed, and in other domestic cities, the situation of real estate hot suddenly put out, such as Shanghai, Beijing and other places. These cities real estate sales fell rapidly, not only has a price without the city, and even many real estate developers are disguised forms can be taken to reduce price to sell. Why the same real estate and financial policy in guangdong area reflect more strongly than Beijing and Shanghai? Probably the biggest problem is the guangdong region is the earliest in Belt's real estate market developed market, Replica Hermes Belts the real estate market and the market has seen changes in the cycle. In the pearl river delta market, therefore, to be more alert in the real estate market risk, once trouble can quickly reflect, and for other domestic market, has never seen the real estate mark Replica Fendi Belt et of cyclical change, therefore, to understand the risks of the real estate market is different, the policy of natural change impact on these places is small. However, the to will come, who are unable to stop.