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To the problem, the first in a mature market, is actually very simple question, the parties to a contract if the contract is ok. For example, now there is a so-called other.o reason to return a house throughout.ontract. This contract provisions, the buyer during the purchase period room, if there are price changes, the purchase of housing of the project can no reason to return the signed contracts to buy the house. Risk basically is borne by the real estate developer, Replica Hermes Belt of course. However, this contract must be established on the basis of the independent third-party guarantee to perform, without this guarantee, Replica Hermes Belts this other.o reason to return a house throughout.he risk of contract is uncertain. Especially when the real estate developers take this contract as a way of financing tools and marketing, sign this format other.o reason to return a house throughout.he higher risk buyers of the contract.
Because, once the suspension of the contract, the buyer is unable to through the proper way to make the housing project company to bear the risk of the contract. Because, is very simple, in the case of serious information asymmetry, buyers don't know the format of the contract and the laws of the market risk sharing. For general contract that buy a house, although is also a kind of format contract, but the contract can be combined with the corresponding additional clause. Agreement of the parties, therefore, risk sharing, basically will pass the contract that buy a house. Vanke Shanghai estate since early this year, therefore, buyers, if you want other.heck-out throughout.ou'll have to see how the terms of the contract is signed. If buyers can other clause in a contract.heck-out throughout. then the risk of price changes should be borne by the vanke,. If no such regulations, contract terms then the risk of housing prices, of course, is borne by the people to purchase housing. Unless the real estate development in violation of the terms of contract. Aiming at this phenomenon, and is not a risk of falling house prices caused what check-out tide and social problems, but the relevant government departments to the determined to ensure the effect of the contract. If the buyer fails to perform the contract, and that is really destroy the real estate market order. In market transactions, if cannot fulfill contract, then the order of the market simply cannot be established. In vanke check-out events, therefore, the government has to do is not to protect any party, guarantee the contracts signed resolute earnestly fulfill, otherwise, Replica Louis Vuitton Belt can't set up in Belt's real estate market order. Also, falling house prices will cause check-out tide? Actually, this is the basic common sense in the mature market economy, basic on need to discuss the problem. Signed in the United States, the individual housing mortgage contract, must according to the stipulations of the contract a month pay the mortgage. When this mortgage loans to pay no, had to leave the housing bank, himself out of things to leave. This is god's truth. Therefore, check-out not check-out has nothing to do with falling house prices. In Belt, falling house prices can use check-out to threat. There may exist the following problems. One is the real estate developers of housing products reach the quality stipulated in the contract. And included the connotation of housing quality, some even did not written in the contract, such as the environment and the surrounding environment requirement, this nature also give buyers find reason to terminate the contract. Second, we weak consciousness of residents and government contracts, in the face of market uncertainty, always hoped that the others to take the risk. Three is the government, especially local governments can't guarantee in the form of independent third party contract actually meeting. Especially in land finance, local governments are always trying to push up local housing prices, in order to get more land income. In this case, the local government, of course, don't want to see the local house prices fall, it will also lead to local governments to s Replica Fendi Belt top house prices falling destruction contracts indulgence. All in all, who will bear the risk of falling house prices, in a mature market, it is very clear, the contract that buy a house have specific provision. But because the local government does not want to fall in house prices, which makes them could not earnes tly perform the function to ensure effective to perform the contract. In this case, not only the wind of falling house prices when the check-out shall prevail in nature, but also unable to establish effective real estate market order. Therefore, falling house prices are not other.heck out tide throughout.he reason, and the reason is that local government will not be able to ensure the effective performance of con Replica Gucci Belts tract. Prices rise and fall is the basic rule of the market, local governments hope to normal operation of the market, finally will be prevented market order confusion, effective mechanism of market price cannot be established. In this case, will inevitably destroy the effective economic growth in Belt. According to the website of the national bureau of statistics on August 5, 2008 soared all the way across the country house prices started to appear differentiation, in some large cities fell.ecause of future prices are expected to change, consumers began to on the housing market, housing sales market trading began a sharp contraction. However, from the macro economic situation and policy, demand level, the predicament of funds in the supply of three ways, the market does not support the soaring house prices. Therefore, in the central monetary, land after the comprehensive policies, real estate profiteering era has come to an end, after 10 years of rising home prices, Belt's real estate market began to rational return.