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fake ferragamo belt administrative and nonmarket

The performance for both countries to pay for the large state-owned Cheap Belts non-performing loans and also performed in the country through a variety of policy transfer wealth to the state-owned Cheap Belts. It can be said that over the past few years great achievements have been made in domestic banking is look, the reason is that its biggest profit source is the result of the government's policy to transfer wealth. In recent years, although Ferragamo Belt's rapid economic development and prosperity, but the bank's low interest rate policy is unchanged. Not only that, the central bank through the way of widening spreads even let the domestic banking sector profit easily. It can be said that if the domestic bank deposit interest rates 3%, residents 16 trillion yuan deposit will be transfer wealth of 480 billion yuan. Think of domestic banking industry profits can be higher than this amount? And, because of the social cost of marketization of interest and makes the domestic bank credit expansion of impulse. Especially after the big four state-owned Cheap Belts listed, the impulse is more obvious. For the simple reason that the Cheap Belts credit scale is larger, the higher its profit margins. , so to speak, although in recent years the domestic bank reform has a certain effect, but in view of the current domestic bank credit condition, it not only has been for domestic investment overheating, but also hope that in this contributed to that part of the equation. So, if not after a certain economic cycle, to determine effectiveness of the reform of state-owned Cheap Belts is very not easy.

Domestic state-owned Cheap Belts to shape the image of international public shareholding Cheap Belts, should according to international practice, within the scope of the wider, in a more clear standard to account management and appointment rather than in a way that is currently administrative ranking XuanDiao managers. Otherwise, in the international investors, the state-owned Cheap Belts is still the government institutions, rather than the modern commercial Cheap Belts, international investors to evaluate the market value of the state-owned Cheap Belts must be greatly reduced. And state-owned bank personnel completely determined by the government, the bank's top managers are responsible for the organization appointed him, not responsible for his state Cheap Belts. In this way, the senior management of state-owned Cheap Belts have neither the power to manage the organization, also won't because not achieve expected goals or mismanagement and bear the responsibility. All in all, from the current domestic bank credit scale rapid expansion, to the personnel changes of state-owned Cheap Belts in terms of the sudden, fake ferragamo belt administrative and nonmarket these all indicate that the current domestic bank system there are serious defects. Both on the allocation of resources and personnel arrangement, the operation of state-owned Cheap Belts is still the government-led to gather the social financial resources, resources allocation. Cheap Belts in the national credit guarantee system can realize marketization of the interests of the bank and the bank cost of socialization, but the damage is the efficiency of the domestic banking sector. Therefore, further deepening the reform of the domestic banking industry is the key to establish modern domestic commercial Cheap Belts. Cheap Ferragamo Belt At the beginning of the reform and opening up the sky of overheating, notting have is not the result of the overheated investment state-owned enterprises. Because in that kind of system environment, the one with the ownership of state-owned enterprises, state-owned Cheap Belts state-owned Cheap Belts hope to complete the task by credit expansion and not take risks, nature will put more money lending to state-owned enterprises (if add persuasion and government intervention, state-owned Cheap Belts will show); Due to belong to state-owned, state-owned enterprises not only dare to borrow (because borrowed may not yet), Cheap Belts are willing to borrow (because there is a problem to bear) by the state.