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Fake Gucci Belt the real estate macroeconomic

The average house prices is not science, not only because different product price compared with a room is not to determine the rise and fall of these products, but also easy for local governments to manipulate local prices change. From market sense, in a place at different times, average house prices of new homes, actually be in comparison with different things, not something different is how to determine the price to go up is down? Only the change of the secondary market price, the same thing performance for different prices in different periods, it can rise and fall of the price of the house. From the Beijing suburb of second-hand Belt prices, for example, the current 5500 yuan/square meters, more than doubled since 2003. Beijing's house prices even affordable Belt prices is such, if commodity prices rose more. But in fact, the government price increases not more than 10% a year, far short. Can say, for several years after the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, national house prices not only didn't get to a certain extent, on the contrary, much of the surge in house prices across the country. Because of rapidly rising prices, in recent years, the domestic real estate market macroeconomic regulation and control has become very frequent. But, why the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, the more around the house price rise quickly? As someone puts it on the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control has become the domestic prices of reasons. In fact, this is just a phenomenon, the crux of the problem is not here. For example, real estate developers have been emphasized the reason is that prices is rigid demand market, the market of Belt products in short supply, so as long as the government increase the supply of Belt's price will be able to let down. Is it true? If how the goods may be so, but for the real estate market is not so, especially in Gucci's real estate market is not so. Because, is very simple, if real estate is a flow of products, if real estate is a completely consumption of products, so residents consumption is always limited, prices can by increasing the supply of the market to solve. But the real estate market is not so. Because of the Belt is consumer goods and investment. When the Belt is consumer goods, the cost of Belt may be determined by residents of Belt supply and demand. The residents' Belt demand is always limited. If Belt is investment, the situation is completely different. If Belt is investment, investors to invest in Belt, is that investors' expectations of Belt investment. If investors expect Belt prices, high return on investment, so investors will have a strong incentive to enter the market. In Gucci at present, Fake Gucci Belt the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control of the government is to stabilize Belt prices, Replica Gucci Belts so, in fact it is the domestic price of the real estate market a recessive guarantee, namely as real estate developers say domestic prices only rise not fall. When national house prices is a government's recessive guarantee, can only be rise in the price of the real estate market and won't fall. Generally speaking, in a market economy, the change of Belt prices should be determined by market supply and demand rather than by the government's policy to stabilize. Otherwise, government policies to stabilize the market price of an industry product, so that means the government with its own credit in the market price of the product guarantee.