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Instead of demand, the current domestic real estate market is not in the form of artificial push prices too high and not adjusted according to market changes, for the vast majority of domestic housing residents have no ability to pay to buy such a high price. At present domestic residents savings reached more than one trillion yuan, and real estate sales, even the best of its sales in 2007 less than 3 trillion yuan. If the stock market can be positive, if the price of the real estate market to reduce to the vast majority of the city residents' ability to pay level, so huge urban residents' housing demand will be released. If farmers into the city of housing demand, the domestic real estate market demand in the coming decades is an infinite amount. At present, the key issue is the kind of level, the real estate market price in most of the residents have the ability to pay to buy. Now, most of the central government wants to make the real estate market to improve residents' housing conditions of the market, to become a people's livelihood and consumer market, and local governments and developers are they hope the investment real estate market is a market and hope the government to adopt policy to hold the investment market. In this case, the two purchases, price level, how the real estate market supply and demand contradiction is solved. The central government's policy of expanding domestic demand, therefore, should focus on that the vast majority of residents on the release of housing demand, don't let the real estate developers fantasy of the central government will hold the investment market. So the real estate market price can through the market price mechanism to adjust and regression rational. Once the domestic real estate market as consumer market, the vast majority of residents' housing demand is released, then the Hermes belt replica residents maximum final consumption is released. Other problems this situation appeared, Fake Hermes Belt the Hermes belt replica economy is a best solution. It can be said that the current Hermes belt replica residents here is the final consumption, and the central government to expand domestic demand is the most important step. In assets under the overall shrinkage of replica hermes belt's real estate on October 22, 2008, Replica Hermes Belts the central replica issued a circular, announced that the Banks can be the person that buy a hermes, Replica Hermes Belt a comprehensive evaluation to the commercial individual housing loan interest rate lower limit expand for loan datum interest rate 0.7 times; Minimum down payment proportion adjustment of 20% for this mortgage policies, real estate developers cheering, thought that 18, 2003 real estate on the central replica's 121 file, the scene repeated itself back to the real estate market of real estate development wants a windfall of spring. Because the policy is not only the result of real estate development with the aid of lobbying to save economy, and the policy in 2007, introduced by real estate developers think to stop the last round of easing of 359 real estate profiteering files. So, in October 2008, introduced A New Deal, A stock markets rose on the field of the real estate sector also immediately, but for more than three months have passed, and the effect resulted from mortgages New Deal with real estate developers want the opposite. What is? Problem is the economic market environment has changed, awareness of different knowledge, commercial replica system, in this case history can repeat? When a policy that its interests are only tend to one side, then this policy to implement will be discounted.