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Male back wife remarried in moral seems to be perfect, but also hard to say what's on legal issues, in the popular media when they in fact it is not difficult to know these problems and trouble, as long as a little attention to and do more understanding, disadvantages and problems are actually very easy to appear, Cheap Hermes Belts the understanding of these characters are more objective, reports and account also will be more accurate and rational. But media due to their own needs at the time, just according to the state of a infinite to be sure, form the public opinion, almost the same into the assess of the society.

They also becomes a perfect. Infinite exaggerates its strengths, its weaknesses are turn a blind eye. And public opinion as a rolling snowball fashion is more and more exaggerated, account for the parties themselves may not be entirely practical uncensored believe attitude, is also, and the parties themselves unavoidably show, lost the self-discipline of discretion in a rising tide lifts all boats. So, a lot of exaggeration is more exaggerated rambling, many praise will increasingly divorced from reality. Finally aroused people's aversion and ridicule. Once some problems and the problem was revealed, the public and the media have a kind of embarrassment mentality, another coax, public figures for these was held up by the media o Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap f dump is full of pleasure. Its shortcomings and problems unavoidably been infinitely exaggerated, scar were uncovered in the past, the past is not appropriate place is randomly ridicule and sarcasm. At the same time, due to the anonymous Internet characteristics and the spread of infinite ability, comments on the Internet and the impact of the need to take the responsibility of the contrast between a huge, network public opinion tend to be more harsh and arbitrary.

 After a coax and must have a coax and negation. To avoid this situation in a circle. The media and public often needs according to his own imagination and creating a character, he holds up lest it is not perfect, when filled with moral worship. And, once found his shortcomings and problems, and relentless focus in the form of revelation, full of moral outrage. We tend to be impatient to looking for a perfect, and to tend to be impatient. Lu xun said two sides of flattery ' and BangSha here is quite full. Of course we should require public figures themselves more self-discipline, more practical and realistic. But at the same time, the society and the media seem to need to be more rational view of the public figures. Here first need is a kind of feeling, of one's strengths, for social contribution and his moral standards do the practical and realistic evaluation, sure its at the same time, Fake Louis Vuitton Belt to be sure is for its weaknesses and problems objectively view, reported objectively. We can infer that if the media in certain traditional learning master or wife back when can place out the problem of seeking truth from facts, today you also wouldn't be a disappointment and anxiety. At the same time, our society needs a sense of calm, is to have a more objective to observe and understand human nature.

We should realize that the human nature and social itself has considerable complexity, we should, of course, for the glory of the perfect human nature and moral have firm confidence and unremitting pursuit, but for the complexity of real life and life is not perfect objective awareness is also a sign of social mature and rational. In the pursuit of moral ideal at the same time, we should also see the pursuit itself is long; We in the pursuit of perfect at the same time, also should realize not perfect is also a kind of hard to avoid the norm of life.