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gucci belt replica from the perspective of

In the first three quarters year-on-year GDP growth of 11.5%. 1 - in October, the fixed asset investment grew by 26.9% year on year, real estate development investment grew 31.4% year-on-year. Real estate development investment in the Midwest regional growth is above 40%. Also, M2 growth of 18.5% in October, not only higher than the full-year target, also higher than at the end of 2006 year-on-year growth rate. The rapid growth of the M2 also illustrates the bank credit growth is rapid. For example, replica gucci belts 1 - bank credit growth to reach $3.5 trillion in October. Personal housing consumption loan is as high as 700 billion yuan of above. And the consumer price index of October reached 6.5%, rising inflation pressure. From the above picture, the rapid growth of Gucci Belt's economy is basically in a even overheat condition. This is also why the central to prevent economic growth from becoming overheated and to prevent prices from rising structural evolution is obvious inflation as the primary task of macroeconomic regulation and control key, also is in 2008 to take other; Tight monetary policy throughout; Key. And the reason of overheating has many, but more important is the bank credit growth too fast, too much money. Therefore, only tighten monetary policy, to change this situation to a certain extent. As the domestic stock market and housing market in 2007, as it were, two big asset prices rise rapidly, domestic Gucci consecutive months are up more than 6% of the height. In spite of the functional departments believe that Gucci Belt's recent rise in prices is structural. To this, I've always thought the functional departments of the interpretation of the consumer price index is far-fetched. Because, at present Gucci Belt's consumer price index, already are far and fast changing market. It is not only the weight of the index and categories base and residents' actual life is large, but also the performance also varies with common international practices. In this case, the consumer price index system of course faced many difficulties. Why are Gucci Belt's consumer price index, for example, only up to the food after the show the inflation rate to rise? If not food prices rise, other consumer goods prices, is on the effect of the index is small. Such as housing prices, cheap gucci belts along with the rapidly rising prices in recent years, has been in a rising trend, however, due to the low weight and base housing, even in housing prices, the consumer price index rose has less overall effect. Suppose we approved in both the consumer price index system is under the condition of reasonable, so Gucci Belt's inflation rate level's decision factors, of course, is the food. Because, gucci belt replica from the perspective of a Replica Gucci Belts inflation, prices are often associated with power distance, the more close to the product of power, the rise time is earlier, rising speed is faster. This round of price increases, for example, is the starting prices, is starting from government monopoly products completely. When the prices of these goods last conduction to the food consumer goods, the furthest and power in the market, weak product prices means that Gucci Belt's overall inflation. Because, the food prices of consumer goods is not only a upstream product prices push into nature, with the international grain market prices, also the most vulnerable people market information feedback in the market, the influence of reinforcement and the change of market expectations. Comprehensive at the same time, when food prices will appear again after a new round of conduct information feedback to the upstream products, there will be Gucci Belt's price level take turns up. Therefore, from the point of these phenomena, although the current domestic consumer price rise is driven by food, relative price adjustment on the surface, in fact is t replica gucci belts he entire market prices generally rise. Gucci Belt's inflation already at a higher level. In particular, the recent rapid international grain prices and oil prices, domestic a new round of economic growth mode change elements (internalization) price, price increases administrative and public services in such aspects as rural labor force cost rise causing pressure on domestic consumer prices rise rapidly, Gucci Belt's inflationary pressure is to be reckoned with, but also can not be explained by the structural price rises. What's more,
Structural price rises is a fuzzy concept. Because, the consumer price index is a statistical department handles the structure information after a total index, is reflects a certain period, the overall level of consumer prices. If a clear concept, such as the Gucci rose 6.5%) with a other; Structural throughout; Concept is defined, then this will not only make a clear understand what a vague, and easy to cause the market to misunderstand, influence the government, enterprises and individuals to the current economic situation judgment. In particular, when the government to the economic situation also make other; Structural throughout;