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It also reflects the

It also reflects the young people beyond our twentieth century history brings heavy sadness, with an optimistic self-confident attitude towards the new spiritual form of the future. The other side, of course, the draft also creates a kind of excessive entertainment, also make some teenagers too obsessed with this show and cause a negative effect, also has the potential to youth culture excessive superficiality. It is worth our high alertness and avoid the negative factors of development. But in any case, brought by the draft new culture profoundly changed our culture to form, although there are weaknesses and flaws is remarkable, but it also shows a forward confidence, a cheerful and optimistic character of culture. Actually, we need to understand is that many teenagers in this draft program participation or watch in learning into a market economy society, a society requires hard work and competition. Another big focus in the 2006 TV roles. Yi zhongtian and others success apparently caused a boom roles on television, also shows some college intellectuals through television, the wider the spread of the new landscape. That no matter how the television as a mass media as the change of society has a shallow thinking to provide cultural space. Lecture room through the roles of success, it shows that the combination of TV and some kind of soft knowledge, there are quite a broad space. Although these roles show caused some disputes and differenc es, there are also people who believe such a cultural transmission and to cater to the mass defect. This, of course, still should be a cause of concern. But, after all, TV has found a let knowledge become popular culture historical opportunity, also found a and what we call the elegant or high-end 'culture actually rather than the abstract to the possibility of the combination. It shows that television culture and high culture and college do not never co-existed, in fact as long as find a combining site, or there are many possibilities for us. And the roles of the boom is also reflected the public desire for the traditional culture, to find ways to let oneself have access to in the traditional Replica Belt culture, it is also in an era of rapid change for some constant way of cultural identity. This continuous interest to review the history of the past, is also a through history of interesting discover and teach, make oneself have some contact in the past, the traditional, let the value of the constant change continues in his body, the way to better face the challenges of today. Draft and roles shows today' s TV culture, of course, although there are many issues worthy of reflection and alert, but its development in the media space, discovering and creating new possibilities; That TV in the process of marketization will face many problems, but also due to the pressure of the market, and find some new possible space, constantly obtain new vitality and new possibilities. We in fact there is no need to simply repudiates TV culture today. But need to be calm and peaceful observation and realistic thinking. Need now might not be negative simple denial, but to form a more objective cognition to the development of television. Anyway, TV in some need to overcome the negative effects of at the same time, has brought us to expand living space, brings new dreams and possible. We only in such a process into the future. Confucius standards such confusion about Confucius standards such dispute has been recently, formed the focus of the media. Standards such disputes involving the Confucius about Confucius standards such really standard, whether this is a kind of commercial operation, standards such 'can truly to carry forward the work of Confucius, and so on, these problems highlighted how to carry forward the Replica Belt traditional culture, how to face in today's cultural walk out of the many difficulties and confusion, is worth thinking deeply. The emergence of these problems actually relations to a new era for the Replica Belt traditional culture by how we understand and cognitive such important topic. In the 20th century Belt Replica, for the traditional criticism has always been an important part of modernity.