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let me touch is one of

However, let me touch is one of the minor role Yuan Shu experience. The Yuan Shu in the book of the space is not large, but makes it impossible to forget. Yuan Shu a art lover, used to study in Japan. Founded in 1931, a weekly literature and art news. Then be absorbed to join the communist party. Engaged in the intelligence work. Then for the communist international to gather intelligence and CC faction of the kuomintang and the Japanese intelligence officials have contact information. Once was arrested by the KMT. Before and after the Anti-Japanese War began the but again is absorbed by the military for general leader, work for the military and were honored. But contact Pan Hannian. Set up in Shanghai in 1939 supported puppet spy chief vladimiro Li Shiqun plan. Li Shiqun arrested after his agendas, is preparing to put to death. And he has the intelligence to contact the consulate rock well English but a saved him. Let him for his intelligence, and published articles in Japan, worked as a senior position supported puppet. But Yuan Shu work for Pan Hannian, do a lot of things for the revolution, such as Pan Hannian, Hong Kong set up intelligence will rely on Yuan Shu for protection, the relationship between Yuan Shu also provide a lot of intelligence to the communist party. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War, the kuomintang to arrest him, but the central transferred to the base areas. And has a series of important position in the party. Because of Pan Hannian implicated in prison in 1954, 1982. Mr Yin Qi thinks: Yuan Shu the performance of this character and its complexity, often make some outsiders feel puzzled. He play between the Replica Belt communist party, the kuomintang and the Japanese for many years, and have repeatedly, is a special kind of dangerous. But the special historical condition at that time there, and who are willing to catch him, with him. If Yuan Shu in initially done work for the puppet government, but also actively looking for the Replica Belt communist party, the relationship between strive to serve the revolution, has some characteristics of 'two molecules, so, later, under the leadership of Pan Hannian, he worked for the revolution of the dominant tendency is more and more clear. But this book didn't explaination Yuan Shu finally ending, we don't know whether he is alive. Yuan Shu experience than are more legendary detective novels and movies, 007 or Lawrence of Arabia not so complicated. I remember when the graduate student, Cheap Hermes Belts the teacher is very strict requirements, be sure to read the original material, so every day in the library to read newspapers and magazines of modem literature, I remember every evening of Peking University library bench with a setting sun, then read no utilitarian, even not pastime, this state of mind is never going to have. Then read, there is the copy of the journal of literature and art press. There are many memorable anecdotes in the mottled old news. Yuan Shu just give me a impression. I thought he was a flash in the pan, take a brief nod sank in history, the story think that he is in the outside. In such a brutal history of severe dark, living in multiple, Yuan Shu mood must be very subtle and complex, their inner contradictions and helpless did not us mere mortals can understand. And individual volumes in the era of torrent that embarrassing is pretty impressive. But Yuan Shu such legend was also buried in the depths of time, in addition to the Pan Hannian biography left a few pages of a simple record, the man as if did not exist. The news in the '30 s Shanghai booth literati frivolous anecdotes and readers in recognizing Fake Gucci Belt such as I find out, and Yuan Shu story is no more. Thanks to Mr Yin Qi left one of his silhouette, enabled us to know the history of a little, but not insignificant incident. I wish someone about his story. Time to get a lot of interesting legend was quietly forgotten, in the twentieth century actually walk very fast. The gap has too many stories of history, they fell into go no longer looking for.