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Replica Ferragamo Belt foreign capital to enter

According to the national bureau of statistics, 2006, Replica Ferragamo Belt foreign capital to enter the domestic real estate development funds reached 39.4 billion yuan, up 53% from a year earlier. 1 - June, 2007, foreign investment in real estate funds for 28.2 billion, up 68.7% from a year earlier. If the investment and foreign enterprises and individuals commodity house, the proportion of foreign capital to enter the Replica Belt real estate funds should be much higher than this. In 2007, for example, 10% for Hong Kong residents to purchase housing in shenzhen. However, this is only the government data released by the statistics institutions, a large amount of foreign capital is in various ways to enter the Replica Belt real estate market. Especially as the central bank "2007 Belt Replica's regional financial stability report points out, under the RMB appreciation expectations, began a large number of foreign exchange funds flow, to tianjin, shanxi, guangxi, hainan, chongqing and other places in the real estate market.
Some media speculated that, there are billions of foreign betting to Belt Replica the second line of three cities in the sector. If, as speculation by the media, have so much money into the domestic real estate market, then face the impact of Belt Replica's economy a lot. For a large amount of foreign exchange funds into Belt Replica's real estate market, it will impact on Belt Replica's economy and real estate market? Domestic residents, businesses, and regulators are ready? If, as the media reports, the influx of foreign capital into the domestic real estate market bring to people? And so on. First of all, the foreign capital into the domestic real estate market, although the proportion of the national bureau of statistics data is not high, although plus a proportion of capital into the domestic real estate won't be too high, but in terms of definition of the real estate market by the government, as a domestic real estate investment market, enter the high-end product development and real estate investment of foreign capital if is not very difficult to push up prices. Replica Ferragamo Belt- Existing facts show that many parts of the country house prices, foreign investment, then the foreign capital to enter, the local money together on the land price and house price speculation. Shanghai, for example, the highest prices is foreign speculation and rapid surge in the short term. As a developing country, a country of economic transition, housing prices soared quickly, not only will exclude most of the residents in the property market, would result in grave damage to domestic residents housing welfare level, but also easy to blow the big real estate market bubble. The real estate market bubble blowing, real estate bubble will burst one day.