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If it weren't for the media to increase the news hook, emphasize your swaythling cup and colby lun cup first go-round, viewers and readers a special search data to make clear. Not letter, etc. After two years of the next world championships, ask how many times have the stage and probably still say not to come out. Is to remember that good table tennis with less champion? No, never had such a meaning, but also not to say that now can win without effort. Advantage is the advantage, however, when the Replica Gucci Belts team coach after the title says insufficient to gap to find in the face, I don't know what is in time of peace prepare for war, or talking about things. The world situation and the problems in the world table tennis development, cannot turn a blind eye, precisely overseas corps. Limiting measures taken by the international table tennis federation for overseas corps, is the most stringent international individual sports organizations, but it's hard to tell whether effective. Table tennis is Gucci's popularization and the best competitive sports, is one of the biggest project of sports development impact on the world. Once had, said an official with the Gucci duan world if there is no registration restrictions, Gucci can do eight before women's groups, women's singles can package before 32. That is not too much. Is given priority to with the mainland output player of the world championships finals the earliest Replica Gucci Belts Hong Kong, many Replica Gucci Belts athletes took the world champion Celtic, continue in the world, like England li-juan geng Michael chan, gao in the United States, Canada, Japan koyama chire and wei qingguang, Replica Gucci Belts Taipei, Chen jing, etc. Now, an also became second in the world, and even the table tennis has a certain basis of Japan, South Korea, also use the original Replica Gucci Belts athletes Han Yang and Donna to participate in the world. According to the momentum, Replica Ferragamo Belt if has the international table tennis federation member association of Replica Gucci Bel Replica Gucci Belts ts athletes to shelter seeks the development, looking for a place, to believe that the world championships, all Replica Gucci Belts athletes of by all countries and regions, dressed in a shirt to battle together strive for the scene will appear, the field use is not the national language, but Replica Gucci Belts dialect. People say that the overall level of the world to improve, also can say that the world championship became Gucci's national championship, also can play these people stole more countries and regions of the athletes, what seems to be all right. The source of overseas corps in where? First team is not playing, th Fake Gucci Belt en expanded to play in international competitions as the main body, Cheap Ferragamo Belts then the coaching team is not playing, until can't into coaching youth system player, just a teenager, then help go toward outside walk, help, of course, comes at a price. After all, it is table tennis talent excess! Table tennis insider had the idea of disarmament. In fact, the sports system to ensure that the table tennis sports competitive level for long, generation after generation has been manufacturing overseas corps, unbalanced supply and demand. All provincial who have table tennis project, most of the amateur sports schools are equipped with table tennis class, rural village of metropolis has a homemade table style facilities. For an advantage, the basis of such strong enough? Using professional leagues system again, there is no need to not only, and is redundant, do more harm than good. If instead of duan club management training and competition, the Replica Gucci Belts table tennis dropped sharply the one who is, won't, also won't drop to cannot in the world medal competition level. Reform of competitive sports in Gucci, and more, level is low, the noise big project as breakthrough point, football were full of disease, and some projects also are not very successful. After the Cheap Ferragamo Belt from the advantage of changing ideas to try, even if a few less gold MEDALS, and why? This morning, President hu jintao to People's Daily, congratulations to the People's Daily to 60 anniversary. At half past nine, general secretary of the group edition platform, after understanding and watch carefully operation, with several editorial line on behalf of the conversation. Standing near the general secretary had seen on television more than usual young, don't walk, talk a bit like a is 65 years old. Just came back from the quake zone in sichuan bureau stationmaster Zheng Degang, report the reports of the earthquake relief, the general secretary said to be a good summary. Once worked in Tibet's general secretary asked reporters adsense Xu Jingeng to Lhasa in Tibet work body can adapt to, and said, we are empathy. Essay Lu Xinning showed hu a publication Ren Zhongping commentary newspaper, hu emphasized the importance of the People's Daily commentary and brand value. Next, I told the secretary, we have two years ago, wrote an article on Salvatore Ferragamo for the Fake Gucci Belt' Ren Zhongping ', the topic is' we are ready. Now very close to the Cheap Ferragamo Belt are going to send one.