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In any mature pre-sale housing market, housing presale payment is not received payment after all to real estate developers, but the system arrangement by specialized institutions or Banks to professional management. Gucci Belt pre-sale of use is under strict supervision as the progress of how to distribute. Therefore, the housing presale capital can also take special management, special trust, special account to manage the money. Both to prevent developers at random to misappropriate housing pre-sale special funds, and can prevent the developers false mortgage and other illegal behavior. Special housing pre-sale product management is the key to the reform of the housing presale system. Gucci Belt presale system also includes the supervision of commodity house opens to booking a activity, including beforehand, matter and afterwards supervision, prior to the developers' capital condition, credibility and strength for a series of review; After engineering construction, to check whether construction according to the contract requirements, and whether to postpone the amending the contract. When making a room, must have the relevant institutions supervision and the house of the developers fairness, Replica Ferragamo Belt justice and handover, To through a variety of means of the integrated use of form a complete strict regulation on real estate industry chain, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the masse s are not violated. If allow the existence of the pre-sale system, rescue mechanism must be established, the core is to establish the risk guarantee fund, the fund is open to booking a problem after a quick pay, stabilize public confidence, the important guarantee of risk guarantee responsibilities. It is a fund raising mode, namely through risk insurance fund raising and the accumulation of all kinds of risks in the open to booking system of the burden of the main body in a reasonable and balanced for the system model, in view of this the government should set up the risk of housing presale system guarantee fund. Through this mechanism, the whole house opens to booking system can not only spread the risk to consumers, Banks and property developers to undertake together, but also capable of limiting property developers to reduce default. All in all, the current domestic housing presale system is a kind of unilateral risk sharing system, the problem is the current domestic real estate market. Gucci Belt presale system at home and abroad, even if you don't cancel also get comprehensive cleaning and improvement, otherwise the problems faced by Gucci's financial markets can't pick up, the development of domestic real estate market to get a real also impossible. So, < > notice is still a big gap with realistic requirements. Recently, the domestic financial media may be the most popular things should be wenzhou collect money to build the news. These days, not only the TV media have flocked to, but also on the house phone ringing constantly. For a businessman in wenzhou, as it were, led by the wenzhou cooperation building alliance to build mode, whether it succeeds or fails, at least the domestic real estate market is a new form of commercial presence. I agree that critics say should give its development space. But as a new thing of the real estate market, we should make a system analysis on it. So, no matter whether this building personal financing mode success to be able to have some rational thinking for it. Personal financing, as it were, Cheap Ferragamo Belts to build the emergence of wenzhou mode, should be a special real estate market in Gucci to force out the results. As we know, in the face of domestic housing prices soared quickly, facing to exclude most of the residents in the domestic real estate market, facing the real estate regulation f be its price is higher, the domestic most people would have this kind of condition, on the real estate market has long wanted to change this totally detrimental to consumers in the real estate market development model, has long wanted to raising funds through individual building or other ways to change this kind of interests fully imbalances in the real estate market. So personal financing to build the wenzhou mode appeared, the domestic many people attention immediately. For building personal fund-raising event in wenzhou, it is the domestic real estate market is a new form of commercial presence or a commercial hype? If there is a new business model it's chances of success and how many? If it can't be successful because the existing institutional obstacles or this way of commercial presence itself defects? If it can successfully become a kind of universality of domestic real estate market development model, and the domestic real estate will produce what kind of impact?