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What he is, but if as a norm, belief, or faith alienation is bad - seven ministries and commissions such as the central commission for discipline inspection has notified the 4 cases of irregular building government building projects in the typical case, the bread of yongji city, replica ferragamo belt Shanxi Province temple is striking, the house will be around food, replica salvatore ferragamo belt head of the inscription engraved on the memorial tablet with the gods, and don't know what to read
Belief is not a person born in some, but the day after tomorrow, it is people in the social practice after identification of various ideas, principles, theories and choice and developed gradually formed, when someone confirm some thought, the theory is correct, is the truth, and to consciously safeguard the thought and theory, has established the belief
So, the problem of belief has always been a social problem
Yunnan chenggong kidnappers case has attracted numerous disputes, because there's such concern about - to the kidnappers take children home kind of heavy sentences, can give a person the hint: kidnapping about it, or don't do it, to do evil enough
Man is cheap ferragamo belts a creature of sets of angels and demons, is often a nidea, good and evil and how to establish the thought, legal trial tend to have a demonstration effect
Indeed, a good social order depends on the perfection of law and various rules and regulations and to get effective implementation, but exists in faith or belief deep in the hearts of every person is still the important factors that nots allow to ignore, otherwise, the former is not necessary
In a free society values diversity and faith, all domains such as politics, economy, culture, judicial events are profoundly affects people's beliefs
Those proved history of human development the spirit of eternal power elements, such as the ideal, affection, honesty, kindness, etc
, at any time should not be abandoned in the mainstream of social values
Living life, everyone need to learn and to stick to: behavior, preferring
Unfortunately, we live in a digital age superstition, starting from a first grade, number will guide us through life, test scores, graduation rates, the employment rate, product qualified rate, GDP index

Now, you can also add a death index
One hundred million yuan GDP production accident mortality, used in road traffic accident mortality trade hundreds of practitioners, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts and thousands of cars, coal mine one million tons mortality constitute the total index of relative index, its absolute index by regional and related industries, respectively, for example, in 2007 salvatore Versace all kinds of accident deaths should be controlled within 1733 people, including traffic accident of 1373, a fire for 33 people, production safety for 196 people

Total index to districts will share in the city, for example, the chaoyang district this year given death index for 250 people, with fire death index of 8 people