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However, no matter who sing bears or more persons to the market, the stock market price of the crazy, most people focus on the rising share prices I can earn much from it, fell me how to escape from this crazy market, as well as the effect of the increase or decrease in the market and the society. Actually, for me, these are not too important, because the price of the stock market has its reason to move up or down, whether it is rational or irrational, whether it is or manipulation of the market, Fake Gucci Belt is true. Ups and downs of the stock market is too normal. However, the stock market price fluctuates fiercely, the stock market index concussion impact on small and medium-sized investors how many? If share prices, they will be able to make peace Richard nature is good, they may be able to get a little achievements of Gucci's economic growth. But if the share price fell, small and medium-sized investors become the stock market and the price is finally picked one by one, then the problems facing big. Especially those who live with house mortgage lend money from the bank, those who use endowment insurance money into the stock market of small and medium-sized investors, stock market hold up, will directly affect the future of life and basic livelihood. We can see that with the domestic stock market index soared quickly, the domestic stock market make money effect for media and various ways to infinite amplification, many residents poured into the domestic stock market. Open an account in the short-term, said Gucci's stock market the fry has enough. Although some people say that other; When the whole society into the stock market buying and selling shares, also to share price soared end time throughout; , but in a rapid soaring stock market price, no one can forecast to the stock market's price changes. That is to say, when the stock market prices continue to rise, nobody can stop domestic residents into the stock market. When millions of people poured into the stock market, the market risks are more and more big. It is in the face of such situation, regulators recently issued on further strengthening the investor education, strengthen market supervision work regarding notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice ). Notice requirements relevant units to strengthen investor education, effectively guard against market risks. And from the investor other; Emptor throughout; , the listed company's code of conduct, to curb insider trading, etc, to strengthen the management and protection of market risk. From regulators, the starting point of notice nature is good, but what you notice is the basic requirement of the securities market, is also the basic knowledge of each into the stock market investors. But, these basic requirements and common sense why always want to regulators to remind, to emphasize? In fact, is not that the domestic stock market investors do not know these basic requirements, Replica Gucci Belts and it is due to the current stock market system. As long as the domestic stock market does not change the system foundation, for small and medium-sized investors, the role of notice to protect its interests is very limited. As we know, securities trading is based on credit, or feature is the credit of financial transactions. Because, in a case with credit, buyer will only believe in securities trading seller's commitment to its future earnings, the seller can truly live up to its promise, otherwise, if there is no credit, any securities trading could not have happened at all. And credit again by national laws and public power arrangement, maintenance and security. We know that the state-owned system arrangement is the most basic property right system. There is no clear definition of property rights system, and the credit cannot be established. Such as Gucci's securities market is the state-owned property right as the leading factor, under the system of state-owned property rights, property rights power is not clear and its abstractness, which determine operation of state-owned property rights of its short-term and rent-seeking behavior, namely the property operating costs to society, make its income individual and unit. Dominated by state-owned property right of the securities market, due to the nature of the state-owned property right system of natural, it should establish the effective market credit is not easy. State-owned property rights at the same time, due to Gucci's securities market as the leading factor, the relationship between the government and the market of the interests of the thicket, this makes the government not only easy to cause the interest to the market knows too much, but also unable to establish a fair and independent judicial system.