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From an existing half annals, in the first half of this year nearly three large insurance company earnings from holding more than 80% of revenue. Although the first half of this year, domestic company last year and a half annals are good news, but a large part is due to the result of stock market prices. Due to the stock market price rise quickly, at present a lot of listed companies and other Throughout the ; Or other Small throughout the ; Ban, is not to prevent them from entering the market ahead of time, but to a policy to force them into the market, otherwise the shares of listed companies are not willing to put his hand into the market. What happens when the listed company is not trying to produce a good product, not to open up markets to create wealth, seriously not offer good products to consumers, but how to carry out the so-called capital operation or the stock market speculation, the whole concept of the listed company are completely changed. If our business isn't trying to production and management, and it is how to operate in the stock market, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts so the potential risk of our market also gradually increase and accumulation. Once the bubble burst, the listed company of the all problems will be exposed. Four is, although in the past two years the development of Replica Belt's stock market has been fully, but and out other; Policy throughout the city ; Mold. For example, the government, the size of listed companies, listed companies listed rhythm control; The market has been in the other; 17th throughout; As the stock market adjusting node, which both show that market of government policy as an implicit guarantee of the development of the stock market. Since the domestic stock market is policy, the market appeared abnormal, a bubble is naturally by good policy to adjust. As currently envisaged, however, any government functional departments are not willing to bear the responsibilities of the correction. Policies would have a role to the market or have an impact, but there are some government functional departments, is when a policy, will say, this policy has nothing to do with the stock market. Such as issuing special bonds 1.55 trillion, purpose is shrinking liquidity, but just someone to explain, says the policy is not directed against the stock market. Because, many policies of its government functional departments are not willing to take responsibility, also must let the domestic stock market this other; Policy throughout the city ; Crazy development, its potential risk is bigger and bigger. All in all, from the above several aspects as you can see, some phenomenon in the stock market is to destroy the core value of the stock market, is destroying the basic culture of the stock market, once these concepts into the mainstream, the greater the domestic stock market systemic risk will accumulate, Replica Gucci Belts and these concepts are changing the Replica Belts stock market culture, changing the foundation to the development of the Replica Belts stock market. If the government can't have a clear understanding, the systemic risk to the Replica Belts stock market will be more and more big.
Some time ago, I wrote an article, pointe d out that the capitalization of the Replica Belts economy is entering a comprehensive process. In the process, the deep sleep for thousands of years of land, the fixed assets, the enterprise and individual, government future earnings to discount or capitalization of overflow. Overflow, for a lot of wealth, of course, is the good social and economic development and prosperity, but our government must pay close attention to how the overflow of wealth distribution, Replica Fendi Belt the flow out of wealth is going to where? If you don't pay close attention to this, Replica Versace Belt then our society in the face of contradictions and conflicts will be more and more, more and more big.