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Therefore, how to use the new legal framework to redefine the appreciation of the very large land and real estate, is a fundamental way to resolve these contradictions and conflicts. Which on the one hand and the legal framework is not interest groups to develop, and it is through the people across the country to determine in the games. In this sense, the land problem is the future replica ferragamo belt's ten years the most significant economic problems. Low interest rate policy negative effects analysis to our country economy growth, according to A study from usually when governments in developing countries is difficult to meet the inter-temporal budget constraints in tax revenue, or tend to rely on inflation tax revenues through Financial repression (Financial repression) to lower interest costs (Brock, P.L. (1989), Giovannini, a. and De Melo, m. (1993)). British economist, Maxwell j. Fry (1997) from the perspective of the economic growth destructive financial repression is a kind of specific tax. McKinnon (1973) and Shaw (1973) on the financial analysis constrained the development of economy in the argument, financial repression & ndash; & ndash; Regardless of the situation & other Financial price distortion, including interest rate and exchange rate, reduce the actual growth rate and the financial system relative to the actual size & non-financial throughout; . In all cases, the financial repression to stop or seriously hindered the development of (Shaw, 1973, pp. 3-4). Reflected in the interest rate on financial repression refers to the government intervention will be in the form of interest rate control under the balanced market interest rates. In recent years, our country more fast investment growth, bank credit, economic overheating. To explore the causes, and continued low interest rate policy is the key macroeconomic issues raised. Since 1996, the Ferragamo Belt government to stimulate economic growth, lower interest rates several times, a looser monetary policy. In recent years, cheap gucci belts however, the market funds too abundance, too much credit, replica gucci belts investment is strong, has sparked a series of macro and micro economy, increase the difficulty that the bank reform, a threat to financial and economic stability. Maxwell j. Fry (1997) pointed out that the interest rate ceiling, will distort the economy from four aspects. First, low interest rates to produce a encourage current consumption and to reduce the tendency of the future consumption, this will reduce the savings to lower than the optimal level of whole society. Second, the potential lenders will be engaged in the relatively low yields of direct investment, rather than to lend out money in a bank. Third, bank borrowers due to lower lending rates to obtain the wanted all of the money, so to choose relatively capital-intensive projects. Fourth, the potential borrowers including low income project enterprise, they don't want to borrow in the higher market clearing rate. To some extent, Belts have random selection process, some financing projects produce earnings when clearing rate will be lower than market. For our country in recent years, the purpose of low interest rates to stimulate the consumption, investment and exports, drive economic growth. However, due to the current our country economy has already been through & other; Too cold & throughout; Into & other; Overheating & throughout; , low interest rates the negative effect on the economy more and more obvious. A, interest rates under the control of low interest rates lead to replica ferragamo belt's continued economic mistakes in a low efficiency state 1, extensive investment, low service efficiency of funds when interest rates too low, the motives of hedging and speculative investment increase, productive motivation to weaken, and, in the productive investment, some benefit is relatively poor project also qualify for loans to horse. The traditional investment decision is as long as the internal rate of return of in vestment projects is higher than the cost of capital, net present value greater than zero, the project is profitable.