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Replica Hermes Belt in order to defend

If regulators can do this, either for the domestic real estate market, or to guard against the risk of domestic replicaing system, are very useful. Break for the door, that is, as early as a few weeks of legend, use of housing mortgage loan to buy housing residents in shenzhen due to falling hermes prices too fast and no longer return replica mortgage hermes belt. According to the legend, due to break for boom that has emerged in shenzhen, if this kind of foreclosures tide stop and let it spread across the country, so will not only endanger the safety of the domestic commercial replica, also causes the crisis in the financial markets in replica hermes belt and replica hermes belt's economic crisis, therefore, Fake Hermes Belt the government should quickly adjust the current real estate market policy, stop the foreclosures tide spread across the country, Replica Hermes Belt in order to defend replica hermes belt's 30 years of economic reform. It can be said that this foreclosures tide news spread on the Internet, in the shortest time immediately became a hot issue, domestic media pay close attention to it also quickly became some people have called for the government to change the current real estate market policy reasons. But, for what is cut off? Foreclosures tide really happened? If the residents themselves, the domestic real estate market and the impact on the domestic replicaing system? In fact, you basically don't understand, the media is only based on one or two cases of unbridled rendering. In fact, foreclosures tide does not happen in shenzhen, more won't spread across the country. Becau Replica Hermes Belts se, it is the national hermes prices are still up 10.2% during the first half of the year. In June, the national large and medium cities housing prices rose 8.2% in 70, among them, the new hermes prices rose 9.2% year-on-year, the second-hand housing sales price rose 7.5%. The shenzhen new room is down by 1.3% in June. That is to say, unless the malicious to commercial replica hermes belt to those who have no ability to repay, these people may not be able to pay the mortgage foreclosures. Otherwise, the rise in prices throughout the country, where personal mortgage foreclosures? Even if the replica hermes belt to those who has no ability to repay, if prices rise, these people also can sell housing transfer hermes belt to others. In this case, the fault is not going to happen. Therefore, in the case of the current domestic prices, it is not easy to cut off. Since foreclosures are not likely to happen, how to break for tide. 2 it is to assume that prices rapid fall, fell to repay the replica loan is greater than the individual mortgage of personal housing market value, also is not a personal think outages can be cut off. It'll have to see people have the ability to repay. If personal reimbursement ability to repay replica mortgages or outages, not the personal replicaruptcy law in replica hermes belt, under the condition of personal liability is unlimited liability. If any outages, is not a personal return these value lower hermes to the replica can get, but even if people don't think spend to return these hermess to the replica, also is not a commercial replica can easily allows individuals to such outages. If the individual replica hermes repaying its debt, commercial Banks will continue to pursue its not repay debts for individuals. Commercial Banks will be required to break for personal use other assets to cover its debt. If personal ability and malicious not payment reimbursement, so he is sure to legal action by commercial Banks to him. When coupled with the loss of the down payment, purchase of personal housing transaction cost of losses, has also mortgage losses, litigation costs, personal credit losses, etc., in front of such a great loss, which an individual can easily cut off? From 1997 to 2003, for example, hermes prices fell 67% in Hong Kong, there have been negative equity personal 150000, however, did not see any malicious broken for a Hong Kong people.