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Replica Hermes Belt In the stock market

It can be said that at present domestic stock market, every investor in the greed and fear. Replica Hermes Belt In the stock market of greed and fear, the rapid rise of Replica Hermes Belt's stock market, the basic is the outcome of this rise in prices signal infinite amplification. It not only attracted a lot of money into the domestic market, also attract foreign capital into Replica Hermes Belt's stock market (through underground channels, etc.). When swirling in trillions of money in the stock market, when the listed company insider trading and market manipulation, the funds institutional investors is bound to the domestic stock market prices rise rapidly. Can say, no matter how many domestic stock market rose reasons, but one thing is very clear, is the domestic stock market bubble has blown is large, and the blowing big bubbles don't let a person said, who said that Replica Hermes Belt's securities market has bubble might be flooded by market investors saliva. As to how much can the bubble blowing, Replica Hermes Belt's stock market bull market could last long, although it is not certain, but blowing big bubbles will burst one day. This is who all can't change the facts. And the emergence of this phenomenon and promoting prosperity of Replica Hermes Belt's financial system, improve the overall strength of domestic financial system is opposite. From the point of the above phenomenon, the current domestic stock market is completely deviate from the market and the real economy, is a very crazy market speculation, is a market share price and underlying performance of listed companies unrelated to, is a lot of listed company management is to push up share prices to transfer wealth market, state and society is a greed and fear of the market, etc., and such securities market should not by the central government to the development of the market. For securities market at present domestic crazy speculation, although the government not to pay attention to the stock price, but on the system of rules and stock supply and demand relationship can make a difference. Like is a huge increase in stock supply, to a large number of listed companies, make the size of the legal person share and for the country as soon as possible into circulation; The second is to strictly control the bank funds into the stock market, both in personal or corporate, for any violations severely punished; Three is to further increase market information transparency and freedom of speech, can't let the domestic stock market speech is only make up not down only Fake Hermes Belt sounds; Four is to strengthen market supervision, to crack down on any unlawful act on the market, especially the insider trading of listed companies and institutional investors, who dare to manipulate markets have to be one hundred times more severely punished for such behavior, punish their money; Five is to carry out the protection of small and medium-sized investors all kinds of policies, and strengthen the risk of stock market investors education, etc. Only in this way can the Hermes Belt stock market on the healthy development of the track. These days, every day there are Internet users in criticizing me from the house. But actually I never predict prices, was just media hype. Below is I wrote a article on June 5, 2005, is now a variety of people criticize I predict prices no articles, this article published in the 21st century economic report that month. It can be said that as long as the emphasis on the principles of market economy, never go to predict market prices. I also is such. Net friend see I predict prices before, the article is just say the word of a market or law. I don't have time to deal with some people's malicious criticism, because history will always show what so clear, but I should let people know that what I had said in 2005. This article is not a word I move to here, let people to read what I had said. It can be said that the 2005, and I didn't predict prices rise and fall, I just according to my three criteria (disposable income and monthly income proportion than house prices, mortgage payments, personal debt ratio) to analyze the residents' housing affordability, just say the prices should be acc Replica Hermes Belts ording to the three standard level is appropriate. Such analysis is wrong? Suppose, if yi xianrong, a really predict prices, is a person say what really makes a market? If it is not that the market is too fragile? So some people predicted that prices on writing to me make sense? Many people criticize I predict prices, they just want to through this way to tell people, yi xianrong, a analysis of things are not allowed to be meaningless, you don't listen to what he said.