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Therefore, the current number of problems in the financial markets are likely out of government over-regulation on the financial markets . For example, the size of bank credit controls and price controls , it will inevitably lead to competition in the domestic banking sector is not placed on the pricing of credit risk , but on the scale of credit expansion. In this operation mechanism, not only the scale of commercial bank credit greatly influenced by the monetary policy , and any small movement of monetary policy, markets are likely to cause a huge contrast to monetary policy changes . So , from my understanding , Replica Hermes Belt the stability of monetary policy is Replica Hermes Belt more important to rationalize the pricing mechanism of the current domestic financial market distortions , so that over-regulation of the market interest rates gradually . Therefore , the deposit reserve rate dropped only because of its existing markets and create the conditions ( such as foreign exchange negative growth ) , but also improve the financial market distortion of the price mechanism hair only way. In other words, the deposit reserve ratio decline was an inevitable trend in 2012 , but the deposit reserve ratio is not merely to increase market liquidity, more importantly, to provide more flexible space for commercial banks risk pricing , change the current domestic banks system of competition based on credit scale pattern . The third big problem is real macro adamant resistanc Replica Gucci Belts e . This market should have a clear understanding. Because, from the understanding of the real estate business and local government , the current real estate market in their direction towards the negative , and this coincides with the direction of growth there is a conflict . Therefore , they want the government 's real estate policies , such as a sudden reversal in 2003 and 2008 , but this year the central government 's determination to make the real estate regulation dashed these expectations . In fact , why the government is so firmly on the real estate macro control , the key is the central leaders of the real estate problems currently facing the future social and economic development may be significant risks have a clear understanding of the real estate bubble extrusion firmly hope to create conditions for future long-term economic stability and development. In short , these three issues are the three Aspect Central Economic Work Conference , the handling of these three major issues decided in 2012 not only the pattern of domestic economic development, but also determine the future of Replica Belts 's economic development a major regulatory strategy . 2012 will be Replica Belts's economic adjustment is very important year. It is reported that the Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Jiang Weixin said recently that 40 major cities in individual housing information system will be networked with the Ministry of Housing before the end of June 2012 . The industry believes that housing information networking means that 40 major cities in property sales , capital flows , housing vacancy rates, etc. relevant information will be included in the scope of real-time monitoring of the Ministry of Housing to provide the most basic data to support the real estate regulation . Individual buyers information between different cities will be caught off-site real estate is no longer slipping through the net . For this report, market expectations are high that the city establish individual housing information system is conducive to the real estate tax levy , help to combat speculation in the housing off-site , in favor of the purchase and withdraw from the current limit policy.