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Thus , housing information technology will have a significant impact on the current housing. More specifically , it was considered not only foreshadowed the housing information for these Belts Replica behavior, Replica Hermes Belts and will be able to Fake Belts officialdom dropped a bomb , it will have a huge impact on the domestic corrupt . Generally , information is the core of market transparency separately . It is not only beneficial to adjust market supply and demand, the market price formation mechanism , market parties such as judgment and decision-making . We can say that earlier in the domestic Belts Replica is facing many problems and difficulties are related to the Belts Replica related information is not publicly transparent . For example , the domestic housing price information is not open and transparent, scientific norms, the government will not be able to know the country housing Replica Louis Vuitton Belts prices have gone up in the end how much , or how much , so that when the Belts Replica bubble blowing huge , still in the introduction of policies to stabilize prices ; Also, since the previous housing information can not put housing speculation and consumption to make a distinction , so that housing prices rose , because housing supply and demand imbalance , so to ensure a balanced supply of housing must increase the supply of housing . However, housing investment and consumption in fact there is a strict distinction between how the Belts Replica is the investment goods and the price is expected to rise , coupled with favorable financial conditions , the demand for housing investment at this time is unlimited . In this case , the largest increase in housing supply is not possible to achieve a balance of supply and demand . We can say that troubled decision-making and judgment housing because they do not open and transparent information on the cause abound . We can say that the purpose of individual housing networking Ministry of Housing is the Belts Replica in order to ensure open and transparent information . However, to achieve this, had to observe the interconnection of individual housing which includes information , such information and how to use. If the information is included in the network is limited, and the degree of transparency is not enough , the role played by such networking is also limited. Individual Belts Replica now that networking is paving the way for real estate tax levy , Replica Hermes Belt in fact, this expectation is not meaningful . Generally, real estate taxes are all kind of local tax, per sonal information is not networked housing estate tax levied equally . Real estate tax levy is the most important cities in the country to conduct a census of housing , fair and equitable form of real estate tax system on the basis of ( real estate tax is not levied on each set of housing should be taxed , which is also a lot of tax-free housing ) . If the real estate tax system unfair and unreasonable , such as levying taxes only play it now , then individual housing information networking for real estate tax levy of little significance . Moreover, in addition to 40 cities nationwide , with more housing. Therefore, the market fundamentally do not worry, individual housing information networking for real estate taxes levied have much significance . For individual housing networking contribute to combating housing speculation , there are so many corrupt officials now favor the status quo and by causing a huge impact on the market . For the former, this network may play a role, especially for residential housing is more advantageous to investigate copy number .