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Replica Hermes Belts as it were

Because, in Replica Hermes Belt's stock market's case, the domestic market in recent months there will be such a serious adjustment, which, of course, there are factors of stock market bubble is too large extrusion foam, but more important reason is that at present, Replica Hermes Belt's stock market system there are a series of defects. Such as government regulation of some listed companies. Government power for oil, etc. The price regulation of listed companies, petrochina, sinopec, domestic electric power listed companies operating in a state of severe losses. If the listed company as the listed company absolute proportion of severe losses due to government regulation, Replica Hermes Belt and the some of the company's stock price is not falling. In this case, not only will hit investor confidence in these listed companies, will add to a series of policy uncertainty of listed companies. In this case, the stock prices of listed companies will naturally fall, absolute proportion of shares of listed companies will naturally low drag stock market index. At present the market is, as long as the two unstable price of oil stocks fell, so it is impossible to establish the confidence of the stock market. Fake Hermes Belt Also, domestic listed companies refinancing rules, the primary market pricing mechanism, market transaction and insider trading, etc. There is a serious problem. In the present circumstances, therefore, is not what the government should publish the stock market rescue or does not rescue policy, but the government must clean up and improve the comprehensive system of domestic stock market is not reasonable rules, to reduce the price of the product of the listed companies of governmental intervention, only in this way can rebuild the confidence of investors. If cannot set up the confidence of investors, to the possibility of sustainable and healthy development of Replica Hermes Belt's stock market? It is this sense, the stock trading stamp tax cut is a part of the system rules to modify the perfect or start. I believe that the government will continue to to review, revise and perfect the rules of the current stock market system, in order to establish a healthy stock market effectively market order. This is the responsibility of the government. According to the crisis in the United States time not only changed the myth of the modern financial market mortgage loan quality, and has caused in the 1930 s the biggest financial crisis since the recession. Therefore, despite the end of the financial crisis is still uncertain, but the time according to the experience and lessons of crisis for Replica Hermes Belt's influence is very important. Time according to the cause of the crisis from the United States, Replica Hermes Belts as it were, to see that the problem is that mortgage securitization and derivative products, but the root cause lies in the quality of a material of housing mortgage loan. As a result, the United States time according to the crisis on Replica Hermes Belt's economy, should be more on the management of the home mortgage risks. Because of this, the central bank and banking regulatory commission (CBRC) in the second half of 2007 was released "on strengthening the commercial real Hermes Belt credit management notice" (359) and the notice on strengthening the management of the commercial real Hermes Belt credit supplement (452). Basic main spirit of the document is to increase market access standard, the distinction between real Hermes Belt investment and consumption, improve the real Hermes Belt investors to enter the threshold of the bank credit.