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In this case , louis vuitton speculation by enabling easy use of the existing louis vuitton policy speculation , the influx of the louis vuitton market pushed up the price of louis vuitton , the louis vuitton consumers out of the market , the louis vuitton market has become an entirely speculative louis vuitton hype 's making money. This is the essence of the current domestic louis vuitton market problems. If not for the louis vuitton market across the country who carried speculation severe blow and containment , removal of the current effects of the domestic louis vuitton market to make money , then the production of the domestic louis vuitton market, louis vuitton up to no avail , but also can not meet the government 's target of real estate macro-control real estate market problems equally can not be resolved . In short , recognizing the seriousness of the current louis vuitton market is naturally important, but the road lies in its resolve to clearly define the basic functions of the government in the louis vuitton market , for and impractical. And on this basis, through tax and credit policies to crack down on louis vuitton speculation , remove the louis vuitton market to make money effect , so that louis vuitton prices return to reason, let the louis vuitton market to return to living functions , Replica Versace Belts this is the essence of the domestic louis vuitton market issues can be resolved in . Otherwise, the Government is determined to most real estate macro control , in order to be a true Replica Belts louis vuitton market adjustment is impossible. I have pointed out before , if monetary policy shift , the risk of re- louis vuitton mortgage loan interest rates will become a trend. In particular, the following eight new countries , this trend is more obvious manifestations . Because the new national eight overall aim is to curb and combat louis vuitton speculation , so the louis vuitton market back to its residential function or nature. We can see that , despite the restrictions around the massive purchase order, but in fact in the eight new countries to the most severe louis vuitton speculation tool is differentiated credit policy , namely the risk of comme Replica Louis Vuitton Belts rcial banks for louis vuitton mortgage loans reprice . According to reports, in accordance with the eight new national spirit , not only to buy a second home mortgage loan interest rates go up overall , but basically canceled all domestic commercial banks first set of louis vuitton mortgage loan lending rate ( in eight new countries , home mortgage loan rates the bottom line is only second lowest interest rates , commercial banks and others are different for different credit risk pricing ) . In other words, the interest rate for mortgage loans , either to purchase a set or two sets or more, commercial banks began to take targeted independent credit risk pricing . For exa Replica Louis Vuitton Belt mple, some banks in Beijing , the first set of louis vuitton mortgage loans, not only to cancel the preferential interest rates , and interest rates have taken as their second home loan interest rates go way .