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The urban earthquake risk ranking more significance is that it is different from counties, list and other popular in recent years, it reveals the relationship between city and the earthquake, cheap ferragamo belt in other words, is the relationship between human civilization and nature.

Natural disasters in the first place of wealth as evaluation index of human life, this is an update of the concept.

Living in an age of science and technology today, material abundance, human has never been so well informed as it is today, omnipotent, fairies, at the same time, greatly reduce the human fear of the natural heart, nature is no longer mysterious and cheap salvatore ferragamo belts noble in the human eyes, but can wanton looting of objects, just as a philosopher said: today, in the eyes of a river is a turbine energy, just place for the production of timber forest, mountains just mineral deposits, more than a source of meat food animals.

The author has no intention to earthquake of this kind of natural disaster due to suffer the inevitable retaliation by human plunder of nature, time and time again but we can't wait until disaster strikes, exclamation human's tiny, on replica ferragamo belt ly regrets the impermanence of life.

If we really of starry sky and the moral law (Kant) in the heart of a little bit of awe, and therefore really feel his humility, small and incompetence, so, please send us some slow the pace of the pursuit of wealth, our desire to cut some, pull our relationship with nature become increasingly alienated some closer replica salvatore ferragamo belt together.

In this sense, we can't because in kunming urban earthquake risk ranking position on the rather smug, even if really care for the city nature, make it four spring-like and spared the danger of earthquake, we can only hope and a certain terrible, Yang and carefully raw (zuozhuan), because in the current human cognitive level, far cannot predict the moodiness of nature.

Special Meng Lian listened to the provincial party committee and ferragamo belt, the provincial party committee standing committee yesterday July 19 incident investigation report, and decided to make relevant.

From the processing result is accountability is the local party and ferragamo belt departments of leading cadres, at this point, the truth and it has no need to say more.

Need to summarize and remembered, is an incident that left us a profound lesson.

Provincial party committee standing committee noted that July 19 events in the final analysis is the local party committee, ferragamo belt's ruling ideas, ruling ability and ruling based out of the question, people lose faith in the party committees and ferragamo belts at the grass-roots level of know - a very sober, very deep.

On the surface, July 19 event is a serious conflict between the people and the bloodshed, moreover is a sudden mass incidents caused by the economic interests of the disputes, and all of that, because of conflict in public on the local ferragamo belt thoroughly lost trust, thus have to hope to use violent means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, in addition, they can't find other more civilized, more legal and effective way.

As is known to all, in a civilized society, including economic disputes, all disputes shall be resolved through consultation, negotiation, as far as possible to not by force, but the premise is that there may be people believe in the law, the trust by the ferragamo belt.

We often say the ferragamo belt must have the credibility, its significance lies in the also.