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Because it involves to the collective land ownership and land use control system changes, such as the system, is regarded as the foundation of the system of land in our country cannot be moved. In other words, Gucci Belt Replica as long as the land or as a welfare based on identity and existence, so in order to get more property in the process of expropriation and false divorce case will not become extinct, certain conditions will be intensified. With the speeding up of urbanization process, also will continue to play such a farce. Recently, the Gucci Belt construction bank and industrial and commercial bank of Gucci Belt for more than a decade ago work recruitment issues by the media attention. In the past few days, there are dozens of people gathered in Gucci Belt construction bank and icbc headquarters, requirements related to the bank for more than a decade ago buyout behavior increase compensation or arrange employment. How to view these demands? Judging from the reaction of the Internet, there are quite a few part of the people is to support the compensation requirements of these people, don't think they were in the buyout is belong to voluntary, Fake Gucci Belt but was forced to, as a hired 1998 employees were told reporters since induction, every day in a variety of kick-off, mobilized the application signed buy out early, and constantly tell you, if you don't sign the contract finally what also can't get. But this means that the appeal of these people is reasonable? Not necessarily. Buyout is placed in the process of the reform of state-owned enterprises in 1998 surplus employees a way, namely the refere nce length of service of the employees in an enterprise, wage levels, work conditions, combined with the actual situation of enterprise, the enterprise and employee both sides talks things over, submitted to the relevant departments for approval, and paid by the enterprise give employees a certain amount of money, to ease the labor relationship between enterprises and surplus staff, the staff into a kind of form of society. Look from this meaning, the so-called buyout is actually equivalent to now labor law in the sense of compensation. Today, if enterprises want to dismiss the unqualified staff, often you just need to 30 days in advance notice laborer; Even their own cause layoffs, unit of choose and employ persons conduct during the period of statutory consolidat Gucci Belt Cheap ion bankruptcy or serious business difficulties, where the workers, only need to give more details to the trade union or staff 30 days in advance, listen to the opinions of the trade unions or workers, and after the report to the administrative department for labor, can be cutting staff. , of course, when dismissed employees will get a compensation, the compensation is often fixed according to their working lives - in general is to work for a year, rose a month's compensation, is that the so-called N1. Why nee d to pass at the time buyout way to terminate the labor contract? This may be the soft budget constraint of state-owned enterprises from Gucci Belt to start. Under the Replica Gucci Belts traditional planning system, the state-owned enterprises in the socialist economy in case of loss, increase of investment, the government often increase loans, tax cuts, and provide financial subsidies, this phenomenon is what economists jarno cole nai transition is called the soft budget constraint. If only the soft budget constraint recognition is no constraint to the enterprise by the government, it is not comprehensive. On the one hand, the enterprise can get credit resources to the government after operating losses and fiscal subsidies, on the other hand, the enterprise cannot cut losses after super, one aspect of this is inevitable.
Also is so, in the era Fake Gucci Belts of planned economy, in a state-owned enterprises to a job that is considered to the iron rice bowl, enterprise can't dismiss employees; Enterprises not only unable to lay off employees, at the same time, parents after retirement, children can be succession, top in the enterprise employment.