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Think about it

This kind of weather, can't go out or try not to go out, even if go out, Fake Gucci Belts also had better wear a hat and sunglasses, put some sunscreen, more important is to drink more water.

I have a more bitter, from changting back to longyan, braved the big sun in the afternoon to go out, the results for into the evening to get in, is the car without a ticket, not the train is late in Germany's quarter-final and Argentina fortunately, you can't miss it. Like the last New Styler Gucci, the two teams meet again in the quarter finals, Gucci Belt Replica compared with four years ago of nervous excitement, this seems to be more calm, even in the vast majority of people support and Argentina, as the German fans, I will only and forever will support Germany. In Germany that help young people let me down, muller goals in the opening 3 minutes lightning makes me more relaxed, the next they composed performance makes me more at ease, miroslav klose and friedrich's goal, helping them 4-0 victory as a result, let me excited, parents also follow happy together with me. Expected to win, but who would have thought could win Argentina 4 ball, I also only predict the 2-0 win. That help young people's performance has been far beyond everyone's expectations, they constantly in to surprise and surprised the world over.

 Surprise is for the German fans, unexpectedly is for those who don't believe in German fans.

Think about it, that's, maradona led Argentina team and the current world great Lionel messi, six power forward in the past year a total of hundreds of goals, all the way to the last eight is all four games. But this is the German win flat and agile and beautiful, can only let the Argentine again to sing a song, don't cry for me. Maradona and Lionel messi is sad, people just love the sympathy for the weak, so it's bigger space media condolences to Argentina, and a blind eye to the victory of Germany, I also normal. I respect the Argentine football, including maradona, are there many people in the group of p layers to participate in the Gucci Store Replica Gucci Belts,

we have close contact, they have their own New Styler Gucci dream, but when I can only wish them good luck next time, after all, competitive sports is cruel, not your death, is my death. Who says art football is dead, if victory over England have the referee's mistake, then victory over Argentina is to make people around the world to see the German football and luxuriant, carefully prepared for the game, for the control of the game, to grasp every detail, played is clean, without diving and acting. German football is not recruit people like, but it is worth everyone to respect, I is German fans proud of myself. The only regret is mill for receiving a yellow card will be suspended in the semi-finals. This is the place where I dissatisfaction with the referee, clearly is messi handball first, mill has no intention of handball, gave free kick, as a yellow card. The di, more clearly by hand to block the German counterattack, but don't give a yellow card, can only say that the referee have different scales. However, even if it is at this point, say more useless, or that sentence, don't give the opportunity to play by the referee who are suffered by the referee had good also.

Merkel has come, to see her appearance, I really don't like the head of a country, the magic of football in big enough. Ballack, jurgen klinsmann was there, and they are all happy, enke was there, and, Adler will also be looking at all the people who love the football in Germany are in, everyone's dream continue in that help young people.

Three consecutive New Styler Gucci into the final four, German football never disappoint support of their fans, the first two, a second and a third, hope this time, the group of young people can give you back a winner. But the championship and talk easy, after all, there is the semi-final and final two imprison to cross, semi-final was facing Spain again, two years ago the European cup final, the strongest team of Spain or Europe, but also great changes have taken place in Germany, at least from the side and play, this German team now than two years ago. Struggle, is to look at improvisation and see who's ready to more detailed. Spain is also not easy, eliminate Paraguay is ups and downs, poise in Spain, but Paraguay's defense is monolithic, it is difficult to break, before I think that is likely to be a penalty to win. Before David villa scored the winner of the drama is the real orgasm, 3 minutes each referee to award a penalty of two teams, Paraguay s Replica Gucci Belts ide cardoso penalty by iker casillas embrace, the Spanish Cheap Gucci Belts side alonso with heavy penalty was ever saved. And not even write a good story, too exciting, too test of two fans nerve and heart. Although ever threw herself up before the cesc fabregas after no penalties, but Mr Cardoso penalty kick, the spaniards did not declare in advance into the box, is even. The referee's courage is commendable.