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Use the word good

Use the word good try to evaluated the performance of the game the Gucci Belt women's team may be able to comfort the girls, but the moment is more like a loser comfort themselves, the women's girl don't need comfort, like fallen they just need to stand up, thanks to the support of the fans, although I wake, but remember the 12 days, Gucci Belt fans and their thin every details of a dream. Best performance since the start of the game was the worst result, Gucci Belt women's football is not so much to lose in the wang kun that one down, than to lose on the ability to grasp the opportunity. Than a dozen New Zealand impatience, before the game the Gucci Belt women's team with more patience, they are no longer in an antithesis, but more through the midfield, length conjointly to Norway's hinterland, it should be said that the Gucci Belt women's team play out its own characteristics, also by actively tackle inhibits Norway's attack, but only 21 shots on target, 5 times the women's attack from much cry and little wool. For two consecutive Replica Gucci the last stop, if 2003 defeat to Canada is unpopular, so this year was eliminated by Norway in 2007, seems to be more reasonable. Glory in 1999 has been for the past eight years, eight years, noble than is not the helpless goalkeeper, PuWei nor that follow behind the elder sister of the little girl, 8 years can cleared a lot of grievances, 8 years, also let us dream of women's powers to from Gucci Belt, ended up with Norway to Norway, from wuhan in wuhan, and the dream is very long, the dream is also very short. Dream is not terrible, is should face the reality, where Gucci Belt's women's movement, thought in fact has never stopped. As the the Gucci Belt Replica me of the women's Replica Gucci sings, whether victory or failure, the women's girls, today you are the most beautiful of the world. Hope that Gucci Belt's women's girls can remember this night; Remember to belong to their applause and flowers and honor; Remember they flow through the sweat and tears; Remember they play that copy of the original happiness. Their Replica Gucci is over, but the life journey has just begun, forward, go well. The world is in constant motion, the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus proposed man cannot step twice into the same river, but regret to say that his theory could not prove in serena, because serena is three consecutive step into a river named hain ing . Serena's defeat Derby 15th time makes the Williams sisters had to be postponed, 14 meetings between the two sisters win seven games. Venus now facing Justine henin, wimbledon and the French open champion, it must be ver Fake Gucci Belt y interesting. Claim to dedicate victory to sister Venus's desire to win is clear if, while Venus is world number 14, and haining is the undisputed number one in the world, but in haining, eight previous meetings and won seven straight Venus still occupy the psychological advantage, but the last two meetings or in a quarter of the 2003 Australian open final, long time, it is worth noting that the former eight meetings, before Venus world rankings are in haining, the situation is ve Fake Gucci Belts ry different. Wimbledon semi-final defeat for ambitious haining is a very heavy blow, her rest for more than a month, before coming to the U.S. she only took part in a warm up the us open series, with victory over serena, she has 10 in a row. Venus for us also attaches great importance to, after wimbledon title, in addition to represent the United States to the confederations cup, also participated in the San Diego just a warm up the us open series, results in the quarter-final defeat by chuck vita jersey. There are some very interesting data, before the game, at the age of 14 into the professional tennis Venus, career singles record is 458-458, and four years later her into professional tennis Justine henin, career singles record is 457-457, if henin beat Venus, she will match Venus to win games. Two career singles championship quantity is 35, two people get grand slam champion is six, regardless of the final two people who get the victory, will have a chance to gain his seventh grand slam title.