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Net friend picked out its worst poems parody, a suspected prize fishy, the deeper reason lies in the fact that their widespread inequities in the real life of discontent. So the guru award wave actually has little to do with literature and poetry. If it is not determined to attend the award, I delay for officials and poet Mr. Gao still have a few minutes. Today's era of officials don't have to be official career by poetry, cheap versace belt officials poetry writing it for individual be fond of, even the arty, is better than sex diary is better than not. In addition, like writing poetry is not helpful to him, but at least no harm. versace belt cheap I always believe that literature can make a person's heart become more perceptual, softer, more compassion. If an official really like writing poetry, he will not indifferent to the sufferings of the people's livelihood, as for laid hands on him too hard on people. Two months ago, heilongjiang yichun plane crash, a police chief sent police detained reporters, and then explained that I'm a clown. Compared to such a coarse officer, or poet officials and lovely. A net friend say well: officials is a literary youth, is better than he was corrupt. 12 evening, a guest on CCTV news channel face-to-face jet li revealed for the first time, the foundation plan could face disruption. Show, li said, the foundation is a already gave birth to the child, but there is no id card, identity and legal structure of fuzzy, this will bring a lot of problems in cooperation with others. (September 14), the Cheap Versace Belt news one foundation interrupt? Possible. There will be so serious? You have, you and me, we can't understand the seriousness of the. This is an interview with chai jing li a dialogue. The foundation is faced with the seriousness of what? A popular, for instance, one foundation is not on account of black children - since 2007, the foundation has been attached in the Red Cross society of Cheap Versace Belt, is now 3 years contract with the Red Cross society of Cheap Versace Belt will be full, if not renew the contract or can not find a new owner, to operate as illegal institutions. Why do the foundation spearhead the black? Because it is a folk charity, and works is using mobile communications and other public platform to donations from the public. In our country, public offering foundation are made by the official monopoly, can do a public offering is the official or semi-official charity. So the foundation had to sponsor, become an official in the context of a charity geek. Is the geek, however, in recent years has shown strong vitality of charity. From wenchuan earthquake to yushu earthquake, from southwest drought to zhouqu mud-rock flow, that any of the place, all active one foundation versace belt replica , to win the good folk of mouth. Instead, the foundation of the concept of charity, fund-raising mode, management mode in Cheap Versace Belt is unique, in particular, so far haven't heard of one foundation have any scandal, and find its credibility is enough to make a lot of the charity. If such a from various aspects all look very healthy child suddenly died, for the development of Versace Belt folk charity, is a hit. If one foundation died of misappropriate donations scandal, self-enrichment, that is to blame, no wonder people; But if the foundation died without an id card, we will ask: why can't we give one found cheap louis vuitton belts ation a legally public offering of the id card? As one netizen put it, have never thought, is the so-called system, let a person have to sigh with emotion in front of some new things, our laws and regulations and the system always seem clumsy and old. The foundation now faces three fate, one is the contract with the Red Cross society of Cheap Versace Belt to find a new owner, after the expiry of the outlawed, had to withdraw from the Versace Belt mainland.