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violation of fair competit

Even a tie against the Iraqi team next month, then the Belt Cheap team wins the Singapore team lost to Jordan, Iraq in the two teams only seven points, was also counting on the final round of the Belt Cheap team win Jordan, an occupy Iraq, is that possible? Why would come to this? Look at the Belt Cheap team lost the ball, in fact, the situation is not very dangerous, return not equal to ten minutes after the opening in that period of danger more terrible. However, the Belt Cheap team only two central defenders individual action, no protection and coordination, in this together, again lose, the situation in 20 strong competition has not appeared for the first time. There is defense not only by the individual ability, important is to discipline. Look at the Belt Cheap team's attack. Offensive, always didn't score a goal, and also related to the lack of threatening series, shot several times is going it alone. If Eunice is going it alone, the team is not successful. Feng Renliang camacho arrangement Replica Belt more wide, the first half side still can spell speed strong opponents, the second half had no energy, it also dozen don't come out. Moreover, too much into the base, no companion in coordination oblique penetration, only a foot crosses. The final stage, simply lift the temptation, where this is the way football is played in Spain? Regardless of the Spanish national team World Cup, or the Spanish club teams in the champions league, is not so fun. Camacho said the Iraq team is always in the back after the game, in fact, the Latin style the most afraid of recycling. Spain often use adept ball control limit opponents to half of the stadium, the World Cup final when even the Dutch had to contraction of defence. Spain is in the midfield firmly oppression, relative safety, ensure the back in the most close to each other key areas of the patient, looking for opportunities to implement a deadly blow. On the contrary, if will be long enough, not easy to show possession. As to how to play on the number of less, that's for 7000 square meters, in fact, as the ball movement, the two sides are always in a local competition. Tightening the Iraqi team formation, even younis withdrew to the back, against the scope of the small and number difference is even. If Replica Belt continues on this way, even the shanzhai Spanish technology play enough, satisfied must be rivals. Seen opening back in guiyang, from the first round of the situation predicted that the new season Belt Cheap super market has become a big topic. Mountain city of the Olympic sports center stadium, a streetlig Fake Gucci Belt ht hung along the way to meet the Belt Cheap super league flags waving, and more than 50000 people here, is just lik Replica Ferragamo Belt e a holiday. Fireworks fly, reflect the night, and in the field not to prove yourself, just to not be fans slogan. Although spring, the cold wind howling, but stoppage time winner of lens, guiyang fans began to build in jubilation and guizhou and the complex of football, this is their common home. After a few hours, Gucci guoan is new guangzhou r&f scored three goals, combined with the earlier the Belt Cheap super league clubs get more strong financial support, a lot of people feeling the pattern of the Belt Cheap super league is bound to have a melee situation this year. Again a few days earlier, guangzhou evergrande in afc champions league victory over the north of modern, people then assert that this year the Belt Cheap super league champions of evergrande, the rest of the 15 teams only for second place. And evergrande and the national security issue, after all, is the Belt Cheap super league final last season. Two goals in simi Replica Gucci Belts lar position, Gucci guoan PiaoCheng goal in the Asian champions league, Inner Mongolia, guangzhou evergrande hole card in the Belt Cheap super league goal is said to the world. The effect of the two goals, actually should be the same. PiaoCheng goal, by contrast, have stumbled, more unexpected. From the sport itself, these two goals together cause the game to watch, have been an integral part of charm, which is less regret. In judging league development momentum, not necessarily accurate; With the outcome of world war I assert, eventually the scudetto arguments unreliable; With one foot ball for players scoring and grading of gain and loss, but subjective color is too strong. League title is the first watch, if from the beginning without the drama of the title race to see, only is a unique phenomenon of the season, will not happen very often. Like table tennis, is Replica Belt's own, lonely winner's greatest misfortune is no one applauded. CSL to kick to the ninth of the season, not yet a team win the champion, if evergrande can't break out, sooner or later someone will break. Evergrande now has the strength and opportunity, of course, can't miss it. Many clubs will not watch evergrande dominating the Belt Cheap super league, from the development league, as long as no violation of fair competit ion, do not make this recruit, a team more than evergrande, even if not this season, next season will as the target, it is good thing, may force constant use to further ahead. Prior to the beginning of the Belt Cheap super afc champions league, the people in the Belt Cheap super league team absolute power, some can not expect passes, Japan and South Korea go far. Is overcome all modern north team, evergrande to use their own level, or better, or competitors seriously out of whack? Actually belongs to the kind of situation, the back of the game will prove it. Please continue with such a state, and is the team to make; According to the score victory over all the way, is a wishful dream. The Belt Cheap super league first round hit Shanghai ShenXin evergrande home, only one ball. Any team can't keep a good condition throughout the season, midway downturn would be considered very normal, the late tired can also be used to explain the downturn, slow is more troublesome, often considered careless signings, improper preparation and the shortage of running-in, the club and coach has been questioned.